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Video shows 'superhero' elk in Oregon

POSTED April 5, 2017 9:51 a.m.
GEARHART, Oregon — Is there anything more majestic than a bull elk? They can weigh over 700 pounds and have towering antlers that spread more than 5 feet.

So what could possibly make a bull elk look even more impressive? Perhaps a cape.

A recent video posted by Facebook user Rj Marx shows a bull elk running through his yard with a tarp caught on its antlers. And some Facebook commenters are saying the tarp made the bull look like a new breed of superhero.

According to a report from, the incident occurred in a small town on the coast of Oregon.

"Some people say there are more elk than people in Gearhart, Oregon," Marx wrote on Facebook. "You can hear them approach by the rustling in the trees and the distinctive pitch of their voices. On a rainy Sunday, they took up residence on our lawn. The young bucks like to frolic and one found the perfect play toy, a blue tarp. Perfect— until it became stuck on his antlers!"

And if you’re worried that the tarp might have been stuck on the elk long term, Marx’s wife cleared that up when she later commented on the video.

"He managed to extricate himself just a few houses up the street,” wrote Eve Marx. “I retrieved the tarp. They were all grazing peacefully 10 minutes later up on the golf course."


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