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Have You Seen This? Ink in water is gorgeous

POSTED May 17, 2017 2:41 a.m.

THE WATER — I don't know if this is a universal thing or just me, but I love watching things move naturally, especially in slow-motion.

There is something beautiful about seeing things as they take their natural progression that is usually invisible to the naked eye. That is why I love this video.

The people at Macro Room did something pretty simple; they shot ink into an aquarium filled with water and shot it with super slow-mo cameras. The result of the project is stunningly beautiful. The motion of the ink in the water is at times breathtaking and mesmerizing. The moment they bring out the little asteroid, I was glued to the screen and I think I felt my heart skip a beat. Maybe I'm a bit more dramatic than you will be about it, but regardless, what was captured in the video is beautiful and intriguing.

I'd like to think I would compose similar grace and beauty if my natural movement was captured in slow-motion. Truth be told, I'd probably look more like an old basset hound tripping over its own ears in super slow-mo.

If this video had been three hours long, I'm quite positive I would have watched the entire thing.


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