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Here's how many times God is mentioned in state constitutions

POSTED August 23, 2017 8:51 a.m.
There appears to be little separation between God and every state.

The Pew Research Center unveiled a new report that looked how many times God or the divine are mentioned in a state constitutions.

The map with the report shows that each state’s constitution includes at least one reference to God or the divine.

Massachusetts and North Carolina Carolina lead the way with 12 and 10 references, respectively.

Only four states — Colorado, Iowa, Hawaii and Washington — don’t reference God specifically.

Colorado, Iowa and Washington, for example, use words like “Supreme Being” and “Supreme Ruler of the Universe.”

Hawaii, meanwhile, references “Divine Guidance.”

In Utah, the word “God” and “Lord” are used once, according to the state constitution.

So what other words are used by states besides God? Mentions include “creator,” “providence,” “divine” and “almighty.”

The word “Lord” is also used 32 times nationwide.

"A handful of state constitutions explicitly prohibit those who do not believe in God from holding public office," according to Pew. "However, these bans have not recently been enforced because it is generally assumed that they violate the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition on requiring religious tests for those holding public office."

Countries around the world also mention God in their constitutions, including Germany, Australia and Indonesia, among others, according to Voice of America.


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