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Have You Seen This? Christmas toys crashing at 124 mph

POSTED December 1, 2017 1:29 a.m.
CRASH TEST CITY — What would Christmas look like for a family of crash test dummies? You've probably never wondered, but you'll enjoy finding out.

In a video created by Dynamic Test Center, a crash test center located in Switzerland, a family of "crash test dummies" gathers round the tree for some Christmas morning joy. The kids unwrap their gifts, and then, as one does when you're a crash test dummy, they put the new Christmas toys on a high-speed track and launch them into the wall.

While the peaceful sounds of "Silent Night" set the mood in the background, we see a toy car, plastic Santa Claus, Barbie and others explode into bits after hitting cement at 124 mph. It's legitimately cool.

While I can't condone destroying your toys immediately after unwrapping them, to each their own. Enjoy the video, and then if you're looking for some Christmas traditions that are a little less, well, destructive, head over here.


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