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7 haircuts that will flatter anyone with thin hair

POSTED December 11, 2017 11:41 p.m.
Having thin hair can be a blessing and a curse, just like any other type of hair. It’s great for fun pixie cuts and darling bobs, but it can also be a pain trying to style and manage it.

You’ve probably already tried a million different hairstyles and cuts, and maybe you’ve even tried thickening your existing hair with extensions. While you can really pull off any style you want, there are a few that work amazing with thin hair — and we’re here to show them to you.

Here are seven haircuts that will make your thin hair look even more fabulous than it already does:

1. A choppy bob

The adorable choppy bob is perfect for anyone who wants a little more texture and volume in their hair. Plus, you’ll get rid of all your dead ends, making your hair look more healthy and full.

2. A sassy pixie

Pixie cuts were practically made for women with thin hair. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and chopping your locks, this picture should give you some great inspiration.

3. A chic, blunt lob

A blunt cut will always make your ends look healthy and full, and this type of cut is absolutely adorable on everyone. Throw in some loose curls and a nice balayage, and you’ll have the best hair ever.

4. A deep side part

If you’re looking to add some volume without losing length, change up your part. We suggest a deep side part; it’ll make your hair look chic, full and fabulous. And the best part is that there's no commitment. If you hate it, you can just change it right back.

5. Fun texturizing layers

Add a little texture to your hair by adding a few layers. Don’t go too crazy on the layering, but some nice face framing layers can do wonders.

6. Add some color

Now is the perfect time to experiment with your hair color. There are so many amazing trends in color right now, so you should try something new. Color can also add a lot of dimension to your locks, making it look even more amazing than it already is.

7. A cool shaggy bob

Ah, the shaggy bob is one of my favorites on my thin hair friends. It looks SO cool, chic and downright awesome. This easy-to-wear style is just perfect.

If you try any of these haircuts, we would love to see! Let us know your favorites in the comments.


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