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Have You Seen This? Porch thief takes a fall while stealing packages

POSTED February 1, 2018 3:29 a.m.

BOTHELL, Wash. — Anyone who's ever had a package stolen from their front porch can probably attest to the fact that it's a headache-inducing experience.

Fortunately, as technology improves, more and more people are installing things like security cameras that hopefully help a little to prevent would-be criminals from taking off with all our online purchases. At the very least, security cameras make it a lot easier to figure out what happened when you arrive home to an empty doorstep despite the email that says your package arrived that day.

In a video out of Bothell, Washington, called "Package Thief Gets Instant Karma," a homeowner got to see exactly what happened one day when someone stole several packages from their front porch, and it did not go well for the criminals.

The video shows a UPS truck pull up to a house and a delivery man gets out to drop a few packages off. After the UPS truck drives away, another car pulls up and a woman gets out and runs to the front door. The security footage switches to a view from the doorbell and we see the woman take the packages the UPS driver just dropped off. She then starts to head back to her vehicle but almost immediately trips and falls.

The woman is clearly hurt and struggling to get up, and when the footage switches back to the original view we see that her foot appears to be pretty severely injured from the fall. She's unable to stand on her own and the vehicle's driver has to come help her back into the car (he then goes back and takes the packages the woman was stealing).

While the video is interesting, it also serves as a good PSA to not steal. Whether the package is rigged to explode, or the home's yard is just a bit uneven, committing a crime is never worth it.


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