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Have You Seen This? The mic is always hot

POSTED March 29, 2015 10:39 a.m.

HOT MICINGTON — All through journalism school there was one thing that was pounded into our brains day after day: “The mic is always hot.”

What this basically means is that even when you don’t think the microphone is on, always assume it is, because you may say something you’ll regret. I am not joking when I say for four years in college I was taught this time and time again. If you’ve ever seen any news bloopers on YouTube, you’ll notice that a lot of journalists either went to some really bad journalism schools or maybe they were bad students.

Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes learned the hot-mic lesson the hard way this week, but in his defense I don’t think he’s journalism major.

During a press conference, Hayes and fellow teammates Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky were prepping for questions when the moderator asked Hayes to say something for the stenographer. Hayes tried to make a joke, but it wasn’t until his following comment that he got the crowd laughing.

Hayes looked over at his teammates and mentioned that one of the reporters in the crowd was gorgeous. The reporters started laughing and Hayes quickly realized that his mic was on and his face turns about as red as his shirt.

The 20-year-old Hayes looked like an embarrassed 13-year-old when he put his face in his hands and awkwardly smiled.

Besides the awkward hilarity there are two things I love about this video. The first thing is the fact that what Hayes said was actually very flattering and respectful. He didn’t use derogatory or sexist terms to describe the woman he saw. He said one of the classiest compliments you can give, that someone is beautiful. Refreshing to hear a young man use these terms, even if it did cause him extreme embarrassment. The other thing that’s great about this is how embarrassed he gets. It’s adorable to see this humble player get embarrassed by his comment.

While we all love buzzer-beaters and Cinderella stories, this may be one of the best moments to come out of the 2015 NCAA Tournament.


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