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Great Bend boys, girls to play road games

The Great Bend boys (5-14) and Great Bend girls (10-9) are locked into road basketball games March 2 and March 3 in the Class 5A ...

February 23, 2017 | Jim Misunas | Prep Sports

Former Panther coach signs with Hutchinson Community College

ANDOVER - Andover High School football coach Tony Crough, a former Great Bend football coach, has accepted an assistant coaching position at Hutchinson Community College, according ...

February 23, 2017 | Tribune Staff | Prep Sports

Lyons girls outlast Larned, 50-42


February 23, 2017 | Tribune Staff | Prep Sports

Larned boys win first CKL game


February 23, 2017 | Tribune Staff | Prep Sports

Larned wrestlers compete at regional


February 23, 2017 | Tribune Staff | Prep Sports

Sander leads Great Bend wrestlers


February 23, 2017 | Jim Misunas | Prep Sports

Area Prep Basketball Roundup: Feb. 21


February 23, 2017 | Jim Misunas | Prep Sports

Macksville boys, girls sweep games


February 23, 2017 | Jim Misunas | Prep Sports

Great Bend bowlers head to regionals


February 23, 2017 | Jim Misunas | Prep Sports

Are you mistaking a sign of cancer for a spider bite? Studies show this is a serious problem

When it's cold outside, you may find your house turning into a spider habitat. These cold-blooded, eight-legged creatures move to warmer spaces (like your ...

February 23, 2017 | Kristina Tieken FamilyShare | Trending Topics

This dad ignores doctor’s advice to pull the plug on his one-year-old daughter: Days later, she open

The doctors said one-year-old Marwa will never be able to breath on her own again, but her parents begged to just give her more time ...

February 23, 2017 | Stacie Simpson FamilyShare | Trending Topics

8 weight loss benefits of eating oatmeal you don't know about

Growing up, I always thought oatmeal was disgusting. Every time my mom made it for breakfast, I would hardly touch it. I’d much rather ...

February 23, 2017 | Callie Hansen FamilyShare | Trending Topics

10 things you can do right now to help your child's self-esteem

In today’s visual-driven world, it's easy for kids to pick up on their supposed “shortcomings”. More than ever, parents need to be aware ...

February 23, 2017 | Brandon Doyle FamilyShare | Trending Topics

Vintage soda biscuit recipe hearkens back to simpler times

There is a crazy thrill in finding a vintage recipe. It's a window into a simpler lifestyle, one free of fast food, nuked frozen ...

February 23, 2017 | Shannon M. Smurthwaite Deseret News | Trending Topics

How to limit explicit music pumping through your kids' headphones

Right now of the top 50 songs on iTunes, 15 have a little red box with an "E" next to it. That "E" tells listeners ...

February 23, 2017 | Amy Iverson Web Team | Trending Topics

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Archive site results


When Jadisyn Andrasek, 8, overheard her grandmother talking to a friend about the Boxes of Love promotion sponsored by the United Way of Central Kansas, she wanted to help.

February 04, 2017 | Veronica Coons | Local News


The Great Bend Police department recently acquired a special weapons and tactics vehicle that will help the department be ready for any situation the officers may face.

February 04, 2017 | Russ Edem | Local News

How to recognize you are being subtly manipulated in your relationship

Relationships change you for better or worse, and if you are dating a manipulator, you will be changed for the latter. Manipulators play on the emotions of others to get what they want. In some cases, they may be unaware of their controlling tendencies, but most likely, they know exactly what they're doing.

February 04, 2017 | Stacie Simpson FamilyShare | Trending Topics

Don't freak out, but you might have diabetes and not know it

Her symptoms hit hard and fast. More than anything else, my girlfriend was thirsty all the time, dropping weight and went to the bathroom frequently.

February 04, 2017 | David Snell FamilyShare | Trending Topics

How to get chores done when you have young kids at home

Before you have kids, it seems so easy to get a load of laundry in, mop the floor or wash the windows. With small kids underfoot, however, the simplest chores seem almost impossible at times. The following tips will help you keep things under control, even if your schedule means that chores always have to be combined with taking care of your wonderful little 24-hour need machines.

February 04, 2017 | Karen Banes FamilyShare | Trending Topics

10 simple ways to exercise with a baby

Adding a new member to the family can require some adjustments in your schedule. Here are 10 simple ways you can keep exercise in your routine:

February 04, 2017 | Shaelynn Miller FamilyShare | Trending Topics

How you can become part of a clinical study

When clinical trials make the news, it's usually because of a breakthrough in a medical treatment, or the promise of one, as in Zika vaccine trials that are underway. Sometimes, tragically, it's because people died during a study.

February 04, 2017 | Jennifer Graham Deseret News | Trending Topics

Brooding 'Where is Kyra?' revels in dimly-lit misery

"WHERE IS KYRA?" — 2 stars — Michelle Pfeiffer, Kiefer Sutherland; not rated, probable R for profanity, sexual content and nudity; Sundance Film Festival

February 04, 2017 | Josh Terry Deseret News | Entertainment

Marching with the women in my life

Being a woman has never made me feel inferior.

February 04, 2017 | Carmen Rasmusen Herbert Deseret News | Trending Topics

Have You Seen This? What it's like to ride a scooter through Vietnam traffic

VIETNAM — I have a reputation for being a terrible backseat driver. In my defense, some people are really terrifying drivers, and I only offer my opinion on their driving when I am scared for my life.

February 04, 2017 | Mary Dalrymple | Trending Topics

Video: Puppies predict Super Bowl LI

The Atlanta Falcons will win Super Bowl LI, according to an orangutan.

February 04, 2017 | Herb Scribner Web Team | Trending Topics

6 destructive things you should never do when you’re menstruating

That "time of the month" is already tough. There's no need to make it harder on yourself. When you're on your period, taking care of yourself is important — here are six things to avoid at all costs during menstruation.

February 04, 2017 | Hannah Chudleigh FamilyShare | Trending Topics

Thanks for help after ice storm

The recent ice storm in Barton County was less destructive than in many other areas, but left a huge clean-up mess for everyone here at the Barton County Historical Village. We would like to send our appreciation for all the cooperation and extra help provided for our five acres.

February 04, 2017 | Tribune Staff | Letters to the Editor

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group announces program

The Barton County Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 13, at Trinity Methodist Church, 5700 Broadway Ave. in Great Bend. The program for the meeting is "Preserving Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Psychological Health as a Caregiver."

February 04, 2017 | Tribune Staff | Club News

TOPS starting Money Jar Challenge

Members of the TOPS Chapter 1151 in Great Bend will start a Money Jar Challenge at the next meeting, on Tuesday, Feb. 7. Participants will bring 10 dimes which will be going into a money jar over the next several weeks as members lose weight. The person who loses the most weight at the end of the challenge will get the jar.

February 04, 2017 | Tribune Staff | Club News

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