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Winter wins survey of the seasons

POSTED November 10, 2017 2:38 p.m.

As the temperature outside began to align itself with the date on the calendar, I consequently began to drag out my sweaters, longs sleeved shirts, winter coats, etc. The summer clothing is being moved out of sight for now.
I am sick of those clothes anyway.
I like the cold, and I like winter clothes. Maybe it’s because I like to cover my fat. Summer clothes don’t cover enough.
Whatever the excuse, winter is my favorite season.
I would rather be cold and snuggle up in a blanket or put on more clothes than be hot. As for summer ... Being too warm and burning ones hands on the car door handle leaves no place for relief except for inside air-conditioning. Often, while in the grocery store, I run into folks who quickly complain about the cold and say, “We need the warm weather back.”
I think they meant that they want “summer” back.
For me, summer is hard work. It means mowing lawns, doing something with garden stuff and wearing clothes I don’t especially like.
I decided to take a survey on Facebook. “Which is your favorite season?” I asked. (I wondered if I would get any answers.)
Was I ever surprised!
Ninety percent of the responses declared fall and the winter as favorites.
What? Maybe the ones who like summer are not my FB friends? I don’t think so. I believe I have been deceived into thinking that I was different.
Once again, I learn a lesson on what a common, everyday thinker I am. We all seem to be tuned on the same fork.
Here are some of the few responses for summer preference.
Jan in Northern Wisconsin said that she will take summer any time over the other seasons. Well, up there, summer is the only “warm” season and winter is brutal so I hear you, Jan. Like, winter is long and frigid and bitter. I most likely wouldn’t select winter either, if I still lived there.
Carol of Pawnee County replied “I don’t like winter much. It is definitely beautiful but I am terrified of falling. I do love making homemade soup and baking.”
Kathleen in Manhattan added, “I like summer because I have a pool, but I hate my electricity bills in the summer.” Dru said, “I do not like cold weather, although I do like fireplaces, sweaters and soup!”
Good one, Dru!
Dede in Rhode Island added, “I love fall, but winters in Rhode Island are miserable. They are very rainy and icy, not much snow. No Northern Lights visible.”
Fall and winter lovers were by far the most numerous and winter was once again their first or second choice. Does that surprise you? Where is spring? You know, birdies tweeting, new life, lilacs. I believe there was only one spring reply. But, thankfully, Marilyn answered that she loves the spring.
Ruth, “Fall and Winter are my favorites by far.”
The Scandinavians came out of their closets in full force.
Sue answered, “I like Fall, then Winter. Must be my Scandinavian heritage.”
Julie replied, “Fall first, Winter second, and this winter I can stay in if it ever snows. Yea!”
There’s something about our getting to stay in and not feeling obligated to be outside doing something! We must crave some escape time and winter gives us that chance.
Then there’s Andy. Dog musher, outdoor man, professional man, varied in his likes and talents. Andy lives with his wife and three children in Alaska. There are moose there, you know! And Northern lights! And dark, winter days. Andy lives in the country and is off the grid. You know, in the dark ... cold ... lots of snow.
He answered “Winter.” .
So, let’s bundle up, drink cocoa, read books when we can, wear winter clothes and hide our fat. Then enjoy the winter season along with the holidays that go with it.
Admit it. You do like winter. If you don’t, click your summer sandals together three times and say, “I will love winter, I will love winter.”
I sure did not guess that this survey would opt for winter.
So there ya go. Shows you how much I know!

Judi Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and her views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. She can be reached at


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