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Great Bend Municipal Court April convictions and fines

POSTED May 14, 2018 11:21 a.m.

Evette Nicole Aguilera, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance, $1,282.50
Jorge Aguilera-Gonzalez, driving while revoked habitual, $622.50
Nakota Rae Allen, dog at large, $132.50
Randy Bartlett, theft, $347.50
Tyler Joseph Bittel, battery, criminal damage to property, $1,032.50
David Anthony Brown, vehicle license; illegal tags, $112.50
Dustin Carrell Brown, park in prohibited area, $25
Erin Lynn Burton, battery, $272.50
Erin Lynn Burton, criminal damage to property, $472.50
Ibram Caballero, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Julie A. Carroll, inattentive driving, $132.50
Michelle Wadette Cavender, unlawful burning, $182.50
Natalie Chambers, speeding 12 over-school zone, $154.50
Jeremy Allen Combs, inattentive driving, $132.50
Amber Rachelle Demel, criminal trespass, $432.50
Ana Karen Dominguez, driving while suspended/revoked, vehicle license; illegal tags, $462.50
Ana Karen Dominguez, vehicle license; illegal tags, driving while suspended/revoked, $552.50
Darrell Lee Ellis, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Christopher John Ellison, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $132.50
Sharon K. Erwin, improper backing, $132.50
Leobardo Espino Jr., racing on highway, $132.50
William Don Farris, no proof insurance, $460
Beverly K. Fenwick, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Linda Candelaria Fernandez, failure to sign turn, seat belts (18 and older), $142.50
Richard Lee Fletcher Jr., criminal trespass, $310
Richard Lee Fletcher Jr., use of one-way glass, no proof insurance, $447.50
Timothy J. Frank, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $132.50
Jonathan J. Granberry, speeding up to 10 over-school, $142.50
William Royce Gray, battery, $332.50
Raumundo Guzman, speeding 16 mph over, $130.50
Corey B. Harbaugh, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $132.50
Ronald Arthur Hayes, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Bobby Gene Heinz, obstruct legal process, $383.50
Darrell L. Holden, unauthorized minor, $182.50
Amanda Hope Howard, criminal trespass, $525
Joshua Allen Kelly, no driver’s license, $652.50
Aaron L. Kite, speeding 17 over-school zone, $184.50
Israel Matthew Klein, theft. $693.50
Israel Matthew Klein, battery domestic violence, $582.50
Dykota Taneal Knorr, inattentive driving, $132.50
Austin Antonio Koeppen, criminal damage to property, $197.50
Gabriel Sebastian Koerner, defective brakes, $112.50
Jo Anne E. Krete, improper backing, $112.50
Matthew Francis Leiker, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, violate traffic control signal, $213.50
Thomas L. Linke, violate traffic control signal, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $182.50
Annmari Rose Lopez, battery domestic violence, $342.50
Annmari Rose Lopez, disobey traffic control device, $132.50
Laureano Lopez, battery domestic violence, $132.50
Laureano Lopez, battery domestic violence, $342.50
Garrett Allen Mallow, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, $342.50
Garrett Allen Mallow, criminal damage to property, $712.50
Garrett Allen Mallow, battery, criminal damage to property, $1,149.50
Adrianne Cardina Martin, no proof insurance, $397.50
Marlene Martinez, no driver’s license, $845
Carmen Martinez-Abarca, dog at large, $132.50
Lauren Kay Miller, seat belts (18 and older), $30
Tywon Miller, criminal damage to property, $702.50
Dallas Charles Mills, battery domestic violence, $650
George Moon, violate traffic control signal, use of one-way glass, $132.50
Daniel L. Murray, improper backing, $112.50
Edwin Lewis Nelson Jr., criminal trespass, $197.50
Omar Orozco-Rodriguez, speeding 13 over-school zone, $160.50
Julio Angel Parrales, driving while suspended/revoked, defective tag light, $382.50
Mikayla Danielle Perez, no driver’s license in possession, no proof insurance, $527.50
Belinda B. Peters, no proof insurance, $397.50
Takoma Ann Pettijohn, vicious dog, $1,312.50
Jerad David Powell, driving under the influence, no proof insurance, $1,442.50
Ashlyn Nicole Prescott, improper backing, $132.50
John Robert Remmert, disobey traffic control signal, $132.50
Luis Angel Reyes, use of one-way glass, $132.50
Oscar Rincon-Campos, no driver’s license, $612.50
Isela Rivera, no driver’s license, $402.50
Kristen Marie Roat, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $132.50
Jaciel Enrique Rodriguez, driving while suspended/revoked, $1,102.50
Cory Michael Ruark, battery, $197.50
Amy Leaan Satterfield, park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25
Sydni Kathryn Sawyer, driving without lights/needed, $132.50
Debora Sue Siewert, criminal trespass, $277.50
Daniel N. Slack, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
David Bruce Stanley Jr., speeding 12 over-school zone, $154.50
Jason Ryan Stapp, accident involving personal injury, duty to give information/aid, driving under the influence, illegal transportation of liquor, fail to yield at stop sign, 2,792.50
Shane Michael Stos, improper driving on laned road, $132.50
Jordan M. Stoulil, speeding 16 over-school zone, $178.50
Savannah Rae Sullivan, disobey traffic control device, $132.50
Christopher S. Teague, vehicle license; illegal tags, $317.50
Jason Scott Thomas Jr., 12 mph over, $118.50
Jason Scott Thomas Jr., driving under the influence, $1,142.50
Eduardo R. Torres, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Cynthia E. Vandermeer, speeding 16 mph over, $130.50
Dale Wagner, vicious dog, $182.50
April Rayne Ward, theft, $432.50
Michael Joe Wheeler, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $132.50
Lloyd Dean Wood, driving under the influence, $1,082.50
Krisopher A. Young, speeding 19 mph over, $139.50
Zakary E. Zimmer-Pflughoeft, speeding 15 mph over, $127.50

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