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Skipping Couch’s hearing was a misstep

POSTED September 12, 2017 1:50 p.m.

Dear Editor,

The recent decision by the City Council to forgo the suspension hearing of Police Chief Couch and reinstate him reminds me of the movie “Dumb and Dumber.” This elected body circumvented a procedure that works, the hearing process, because they were intimidated by a group of loud, belligerent people who made up facts to suit their narrative ... talk about fake information.
When will the silent majority get out of their easy chairs and do something about this?

Robert Dema
Great Bend


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porcupine69: September 12, 2017 5:33 p.m.


Consider the fact that the "silent majority" woke up and made its opinion clear...if you think the folks attending the meetings in support of Chief Couch were "loud and belligerent", maybe what this community has needed for a long time!

I would love to read more of your opinion, and would like to know who YOUR "silent majority" is...and just exactly what the issue is, that they should "get out of their easy chairs and do something about this?", and just exactly what "THIS" is.

Seems like there are some well-heeled business folks owning an agenda in this "discussion"...I wonder why, and what they stand to lose..

PS.... I never saw "Dumb and Dumber", and your reference is nonsense, without any expressed relevance... encourages readers to interact with one another. We will not edit your comments, but we reserve the right to delete any inappropriate responses. To report offensive or inappropriate comments, contact our editor.

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