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Runner-up Cardinals earn five wrestling titles

POSTED February 11, 2017 9:50 p.m.
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 PRATT – Central Kansas League runner-up Hoisington featured five weight division champions at the league tournament Saturday. Pratt won the CKL Tournament with 170.5 points and Hoisington placed second with 165 points.

No. 2-ranked Jonathan Ball (35-0, 145) joined Tanner Cassity (32-2, 132), No. 4-ranked Sean Urban (31-2, 160); No. 4-ranked Justin Bradley (26-3, 220) and No. 4-ranked Landen Urban (33-1, 285) as Hoisington’s CKL champions.

No. 1-ranked Christopher Ball (152) finished runner-up with a 4-3 loss to Pratt’s No. 5-ranked Class 4A Nick Lucas. No. 6-ranked Wyatt Pedigo (170) placed third.

Larned’s champions were Braydon Lemuz (32-4, 113). Larned’s second-place finishers were Kristopher Nolde (120), Hunter Fitzpatrick (126), Josh Dooley (132) and Edgar Garcia (285).


At Pratt

TEAM TOTALS—1—Pratt 170.5; 2—Hoisington 165; 3—Larned 97; 4—Smoky Valley 89; 5—Nickerson 57; 6—Lyons 52; 7—Hillsboro 33.5; 8—Hesston 30; 9—Halstead 18



106—Zach Doss (5-33); Devon VanFosson, SV def. Doss, 21-6; Peyton Young, Lyons, pinned Doss; Dylan Cox, Larned pinned Doss, 2:07; Nichole Moore, Nickerson, pinned Doss, 1:35

113--Inigo Barrena Carpio (4-17); Jason Hecht, Hesston pinned Barrena Carpio, 2:26; Braydon Lemuz, Larned pinned Barrena Carpio, 0:45; Tre Garcia, Nickerson pinned Barrena Carpio, 0:50; Ray Johnston, Hillsboro pinned Barrena Carpio, 1:09; Camdon Nickelson, Pratt pinned Barrena Carpio, 0:24
120--Dylan Carrier (12-16), 3rd; Chris Goans, Lyons pinned Carrier, 1:41; Kris Nolde, Larned pinned Dylan Carrier, 1:12; Carrier pinned Michael Friesen, Hesston, 6-15  1:49

132—Tanner Cassity, (32-2), 1st; Cassity pinned Clint James, Pratt, 2:22; Cassity pinned Josh Dooley, Larned, 4:19; Cassity pinned Irlick Moreno, Lyons, 0:55
138—Dustin Edmonson (16-16), 4th; Noah Lackey SV def. Edmonson, 17-2; Jayden Raigoza, Nickerson, def. Edmonson, 13-4; Edmonson def. Denzale Clark, Lyons, 9-3; Kadence Riner, Pratt pinned Dustin Edmonson, 0:39; Edmonson pinned Carter Wingfield, Hesston, 3:27
145—Jonathan Ball (35-0), 1st; Ball pinned Derek Roadhouse, Pratt, 0:42; Ball pinned Noah Salazar, Nickerson, 1:39; Ball pinned Nick Karber, SV, 0:55; Ball pinned David Merchant, Hesston, 0:57; Ball pinned Travis King, Hillsboro, 0:32
152—Christopher Ball (33-2), 2nd; Ball pinned Austin Griffin, Hesston, 0-5  0:39; Ball pinned Matt Adams SV, 0:29; Ball pinned Wes Koch, Larned, 0:27; Ball def. Dylan Stewart, Nickerson, forfeit; Nick Lucas, Pratt def. Ball, 4-3

160—Sean Urban (31-2) 1st; Urban def. Lane Boswell Halstead, injury; Urban pinned Jarin Gomez, Nickerson, 2:48; Urban pinned Trevor Weaver, Lyons, 2:33; 1st Place—Urban pinned Matt Whitsitt, Hesston, 2:45
170—Wyatt Pedigo (29-7) 3rd; Pedigo def. Cort Elliott SV, 1-0; Pedigo HHS 29-7 pinned Jaden Priest, Hillsboro, 5:20; Tony Morris, Halstead pinned Pedigo, 2:00; Logan Baird, Pratt def. Pedigo, 8-0; 3rd Place—Pedigo def. Chandler Eaton, Nickerson, 8-5

182—Jake Curtis (16-10); Justin Lamatsch, Pratt def. Curtis, 4-2; Beck Elliott, SV pinned Curtis, 3:18

195—Ben Schneider (16-12) 3rd; Allan Wampler SV def. Schneider, 4-3; Hayden Skaggs, Pratt def. Schneider, 16-0; Schneider def. Brennan Behnke, Larned, 10-2

220—Justin Bradley (26-3), 1st; Bradley pinned pinned Trace Scott, SV, 0:36; Bradley pinned Luis Contreras, Lyons, 0:23; Bradley pinned Alex Koehn, Hesston, 0:38; Bradley pinned Jeremiah Slattery, Larned, 2:00; 1st Place—Bradley pinned Hunter Huber, Pratt, 1:25

285—Landen Urban (33-1), 1st; Urban pinned Nate Grosland SV, 0:32;  Urban pinned Edgar Garcia, Larned, 1:03; Urban pinned Sevren Hance, Pratt, 0:17; Urban pinned Ethan Parrott, Hesston, 0:11


113—Braydon Lemuz (32-4) 1st; Lemuz def. Camdon Nickelson, Pratt, 13-0; Lemuz pinned Inigo Barrena Carpio HHS,  0:45; Lemuz pinned Jason Hecht, Hesston, 3:09; Lemuz def. Tre Garcia, Nickerson, 15-2; Lemuz def. Ray Johnston, Hillsboro, 6-4
120—Kristopher Nolde (26-9) 2nd; Nolde pinned Michael Friesen, Hesston, 2:22; Nolde pinned Dylan Carrier HHS, 1:12; Chris Goans, Lyons def. Nolde, 4-2

126—Hunter Fitzpatrick (26-8), 2nd; Fitzpatrick pinned Oscar Jaime, Lyons, 4:56; Fitzpatrick pinned Tyler Bachman, Hesston, 2:59; Fitzpatrick pinned Chase Pywell, SV, 2:28; Brayan Balderrama, Pratt pinned Hunter Fitzpatrick, Larned,  26-8  2:25

132—Josh Dooley (9-11), 2nd; Dooley pinned Irlick Moreno, Lyons, 5:30; Cassity, HHS pinned Dooley, 4:19; Dooley pinned Clinton James, Pratt, 2:32

152—Wes Koch (10-23) 5th; Matt Adams, SV pinned Koch, 4:48; Nick Lucas, Pratt pinned Koch, 1:38; Christopher Ball, HHS pinned Koch, 0:27; Koch pinned Austin Griffin, Hesston, 0:40; Dylan Stewart, Nickerson pinned Koch, 3;34

170—Caleb East (14-12) 6th; Chandler Eaton, Nickerson pinned East, 1:46; Logan Baird, Pratt pinned East, 1;14; East pinned Wendell Scobee, Lyons, 0:43; East def. Jaden Priest, Hillsboro, 8-5; 5th Place—Cort Elliott, SV pinned east, 0:18
195—Brennan Behnke (6-13); Hayden Skaggs, Pratt pinned Behnke, 3:50; Allan Wampler SV pinned Behnke, 4:31;  Ben Schneider, HHS def. Behnke, 10-2

220—Jeremiah Slattery (23-9), 3rd; Slattery pinned Connor Morey, Hillsboro, 0:56; Slattery pinned Matthew Cedillio, Nickerson, 1:32; Hunter Huber, Pratt def. Slattery, 7-3; Justin Bradley, HHS pinned Slattery, 2:00; 3rd Place—Slttery pinned Alex Koehn, Hesston,  5:02
285—Edgar Garcia (12-15) 2nd; Garcia pinned Nate Grosland SV, 2:26; Garcia pinned Ethan Parrott, Hesston, 0:34; Landen Urban, HHS pinned Garcia, 1:03; Garcia pinned Sevren Hance,Pratt, 2:23



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