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Hoisington wrestlers capture CKL title

POSTED February 9, 2018 8:53 a.m.

LINDSBORG — The No. 1 ranked 3A Hoisington wrestling team featured five champions to win the Central Kansas League Tournament Thursday. The Cardinals scored 157 points to edge Pratt (151) and Larned (142).
First-place champions for Hoisington are 138—Tanner Cassity (31-3); 152—Christopher Ball (36-1); 160—Joshua Ball (32-4); 170—Sean Urban (34-1) and 182—Wyatt Pedigo (31-3).
In first-place matches, No. 5 state-ranked Cassity defeated Larned’s Kristopher Nolde 9-2; No. 1 Christopher Ball pinned Nickerson’s Noah Salazar (0:25); No. 3 Joshua Ball defeated Smoky Valley’s Dax Hopp 5-0; No. 3 Urban defeated Pratt’s Caden Blankenship 4-2; and No. 1 Pedigo defeated Pratt’s Justin Lamatsch 6-5.
The Cards have been so close the past few years to winning the tournament, but losing out by a ½ point one year and 1.5 points another year.
“Wow — what a great way to end the regular season,” said Hoisington coach Daniel Schmidt. “We have been so close the past few years, but every time something would get in the way of us winning it. We had great efforts from our three seniors, Tanner Cassity, Christopher Ball and Urban.
“They all told me we would win this thing, but honestly I was wondering what they were thinking. Pratt hammered us in the first tournament of the year, and Larned looked unbeatable on paper. We got wins from 13 of our wrestlers that we brought. I could not be more proud of a bunch of kids.”
Hoisington’s Cole Steinert (15-10, 120) placed runner-up with a 9-4 loss to Larned’s Saenz.
First-place finishers for Larned High School included Michael Saenz (26-9, 120); Braydon Lemuz (28-12, 132) and Keaton Thompson (14-10, 195). In first-place matches, Saenz downed Hoisington’s Cole Steinert, 9-4; Lemuz downed Pratt’s Cody James 10-6; and Thompson won on injury over Pratt’s Hunter Huber.
Placing runner-up were Kristopher Nolde (24-11, 138); Hunter Fitzpatrick (31-8, 145) and Jeremiah Slattery (25-8, 285). In title matches, Hoisington’s Cassity downed Nolde 9-2; Pratt’s Kadence Riner pinned Fitzpatrick (2:39) and Smoky Valley’s Ethan Wampler defeated Slattery 10-0.
At Lindsborg

1—Hoisington 157
2—Pratt 151
3—Larned 142
4—Smoky Valley 97
5—Nickerson 65.5
6—Hesston 34
7—Hillsboro 27.5
8—Halstead 15
106—Quentin Boxberger, HHS, 15-13, 3rd; Weber, Pratt def. Boxberger, 13-0; Moore, Nickerson def. Boxberger, 20-3; Boxberger def. Quintana Larned, injury

113—Nicolas Rubio, HHS, 13-12, 3rd; Pelland, Pratt pinned Rubio, 3:20; Rubio pinned Major, Hillsboro, 0:33; VanFosson, SV pinned Rubio, 2:45; 3rd Place—Rubio pinned Weers Larned, 1:07

120—Cole Steinert, HHS, 15-10, 2nd; Steinert pinned Cox, Pratt, 5:13; Steinert pinned Slater, Hesston, 0:31; Steinert pinned Tingle, Lyons, 0:52; 1st Place—Saenz, Larned def. Steinert, 9-4

126—Hunter Morris, HHS, 6-12, 4th; Morris pinned Nickelson, Pratt, 3:05; Hecht, Hesston def. Morris, 11-2; Bachman, Hillsboro def. Morris, 11-1; 3rd Place—Alboyd, Larned def. Morris, 6-2

138—Tanner Cassity, HHS, 31-3, 1st; Cassity pinned Gutierrez, Halstead, 1:40; Cassity pinned Thompson, Pratt, 0:37; Cassity pinned Patton, Hillsboro, 2:28; 1st Place—Cassity def. Nolde, Larned, 9-2

145—Dayne Yott, HHS, 21-17, 4th; Yott pinned Halstead, 5:12; Fitzpatrick, Larned pinned Yott, 5:03; Riner, Pratt pinned Dayne Yott, 1:10; Yott def. Schneider, Nickerson, 10-4; 3rd Place—Pywell, SV pinned Yott, 4:34

152—Christopher Ball, HHS, 36-1, 1st; Ball pinned Wohlgemuth, Hesston, 0:42; Ball pinned Salazar, Nickerson, 0:26; Ball pinned Roadhouse Pratt, 0:24; 1st Place—Ball pinned Salazar, Nickerson, 0:25

160—Joshua Ball, HHS, 32-4, 1st; Ball pinned Edwards, Nickerson, 0:54; Ball pinned Garcia, Pratt, 1:33; Ball pinned Whitsitt, Hesston, 3:00; 1st Place—Ball def. Hopp, SV, 5-0

170—Sean Urban, HHS 34-1, 1st; Urban pinned Carey, Hesston, 0:54; Urban pinned Archuleta, SV, 2:58; Urban pinned Stewert Nickerson, 1:19; 1st Place—Urban def. Blankenship, Pratt, 4-2

182—Wyatt Pedigo, HHS, 31-3, 1st; Pedigo pinned O`Halloran, Hesston, 1:02; Pedigo pinned Garcia, Larned, 1:31; Pedigo def. Elliott, SV, 3-0; Pedigo pinned Gomez, Nickerson, 1:14; 1st Place—Pedigo def. Lamatsch, Pratt, 6-5

195—Jason Bradley, HHS, 8-17, 4th; Bradley pinned Scobie, Lyons, 1:36; Thompson, Larned pinned Bradley, 2:30; Huber, Pratt pinned Bradley, 1:51; 3rd Place—Burks, SV pinned Bradley, 2:54

220—Zach Rubio, HHS, 10-13, 6th; Kramer, Larned pinned Rubio, 1:34; Schneider, Nickerson pinned Rubio, 1:13; Rubio pinned Crawford, Lyons, 4:46; 5th Place—Malm, SV pinned Rubio, 2:56

285—Riley Philborn, HHS 15-14, 3rd; Slattery, Larned def. Philborn, 5-4; Philborn pinned Contreras, Lyons, 2:18; Philborn pinned Herman, Halstead, 0:56; Wampler, SV pinned Philborn, 1:02; 3rd Place— Philborn def. Alex Koehn, Hesston, 10-5

106—Anthony Quintana, Larned, 7-14, 4th; Moore, Nickerson pinned Quintana, 5:11; Weber, Pratt def. Quintana, Larned, injury; 3rd Place—Boxberger, Hoisington def. Quintana, injury

113—Corbin Weers, Larned, 7-13, 4th; Weers, Larned pinned Major, Hillsboro, 5:50; Pelland, Pratt pinned Weers, 1:39; VanFosson, SV def. Weers 7-6; Rubio, Hoisington pinned Weers, Larned, 1:07

120—Micheal Saenz, Larned, 26-9, 1st; Saenz pinned Slater, Hesston, 0:51; Saenz pinned Tingle, Lyons, 1:37; Saenz def. Cox, Pratt, 10-1; 1st Place—Saenz def. Steinert, Hoisington, 9-4

126—Samajay Alboyd, Larned, 17-15, 3rd; Hecht, Hesston def. Alboyd, Larned, 7-6; Alboyd, Larned def. Nickelson, Pratt, 13-9; Bachman, Hillsboro def. Alboyd Larned, 6-2; 3rd Place—Alboyd, Larned def. Morris, Hoisington, 6-2

132—Braydon Lemuz, Larned, 28-12, 1st; Lemuz pinned Carder, Nickerson, 3:37; Lemuz pinned Hiebert, Halstead, 0:56; 1st Place—Lemuz def. Cody James, Pratt, 10-6

138—Kristopher Nolde, Larned. 24-11, 2nd; Nolde pinned Jacobson, SV, 1:47; Nolde pinned Klassen, Hesston, 1:01; Nolde pinned Patton, Hillsboro, 0:36; Nolde pinned Thompson Pratt, 0:35; 1st Place—Cassity, Hoisington def. Nolde, Larned, 9-2

145—Hunter Fitzpatrick, Larned, 31-8, 2nd; Fitzpatrick pinned Schneider Nickerson, 1:23; Fitzpatrick pinned Yott, Hoisington, 5:03; Fitzpatrick def. Pywell SV, 12-10; Fitzpatrick def. Brandt Halstead, injury; 1st Place—Riner, Pratt pinned Fitzpatrick, 2:39

152—Ethan Flock, Larned, 19-17, 3rd; Flock pinned Mauch, SV, 3:45; Flock pinned Horton, Hillsboro, 2:24; Salazar Nickerson 9-16 pinned Flock, 4:50; Flock pinned Roadhouse, Pratt, 2:50; 3rd Place—Flock pinned Roadhouse, Pratt, 3:44

160—Nathaniel Pfortmiller, Larned, 0-6; Whitsitt, Hesston pinned Pfortmiller, 0:45; Hopp, SV pinned Pfortmiller, 0:51; Hill, Halstead pinned Pfortmiller, 1:13; Edwards, Nickerson pinned Pfortmiller, 0:33

182—Hector Garcia, Larned, 3-11, 5th; Elliott, SV pinned Garcia, 1:03; Pedigo, Hoisington pinned Garcia, 1:31; Gomez, Nickerson def. Garcia, 9-1; Lamatsch, Pratt pinned Garcia, 0:40; 5th Place—Garcia pinned O`Halloran, Hesston, 3:00

195—Keaton Thompson, Larned, 14-10, 1st; Burks, SV def. Thompson, 3-1, OT; Thompson pinned Bradley, Hoisington, 2:30; Thompson pinned Scobie, Lyons, 0:46; 1st Place—Thompson def. Huber, Pratt, injury

220—Josh Kramer, HHS, 18-15, 3rd; Kramer pinned Rubio, Hoisington, 1:34; Schneider, Nickerson pinned Kramer, 2:32; Hance, Pratt pinned Kramer, 1:05; 3rd Place—Kramer pinned Duerksen, Hesston, 3:31

285—Jeremiah Slattery, Larned, 25-8, 2nd; Slattery def. Philborn, Hoisington, 5-4; Slattery def. Koehn, Hesston, 9-2; Slattery pinned Contreras, Lyons, 0:31; Slattery pinned Herman, Halstead, 0:42; 1st Place—Wampler, SV def. Slattery Larned, 10-0


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