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CKL leader Haven sweeps Larned softball

POSTED April 16, 2018 4:35 p.m.
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LARNED – Central Kansas League leader Haven overpowered Larned 14-0 and 25-5 for a softball doubleheader sweep.
Larned (3-5) plays at winless Nickerson (0-8) and defending CKL champion Haven (8-0) plays Hesston (2-4) Tuesday.

HAVEN 14, LARNED 0 (G1) – Haven pitcher Maguire Estill threw a no-hit shutout and recorded two doubles and two singles. Haven’s Taylor Bredfeldt homered. Emmiley Hendrixson drove in two runs with a double and two singles. Brooke Brawner drove in three runs with two singles.
The Wildcats rapped out seven extra-base hits. The Wildcats scored six runs in the fifth inning.
Larned’s Julie Tapia and Lnyzi Myrick singled.

HAVEN 25, LARNED 5 (G2) – Haven’s Emmiley Hendrixson homered twice and drove in seven runs with four hits. Bredfeldt, Kylie Kincaid and Estill also homered.
Kincaid and Estill each drove in three runs with two hits apiece. The Wildcats broke the game open with a 18-run second inning off pitchers Baylea Perez and Nikki Taylor.
Larned’s Mattie Glover singled home Baylea Perez in a four-run first inning. Glover, Myrick and Tapia all scored on wild pitches by Haven pitcher Abby Hartung. Shaylee Martin doubled home Glover after a third-inning single.

Haven 141 26 – 14 16 0
Larned 000 00 – 0 2 1
Estill and Kincaid. Glover and Martin. W—Estill. L—Glover. 2B—H—Estill 2, Bontrager, Hendrixson, Hefling, Hartung. HR—H—Brefeldt.

Haven 1(18)6 – 25 23 1
Larned 401 – 5 3 1
Hartung, Brawner (1) and Kincaid. Perez, Taylor (2) and Martin. W—Brawner. L—Perez. 2B—L—Martin; H—Bredfeldt, Hendrixson, Kincaid, Botrager, Green, Estill, Liedl. Hr—H—Hendrixson 2, Bredfeldt, Kincaid, Estill.

Haven 8-0
Kingman 6-2
S. Valley 5-3
Pratt 5-3
Lyons 4-2
Hillsboro 4-4
Hoisington 3-3
Larned 3-5
Hesston 2-4
Halstead 0-6
Nickerson 0-8
Haven 14-0, 25-5 Larned
Kingman 10-0, 22-8 Pratt
Hoisington 10-0; Hillsboro 11-9
Hoisington at Smoky Valley
Halstead at Lyons
Hesston at Haven
Larned at Nickerson

HAVEN (8-0)—WW Smoky Valley 10-0, 15-0; WW Nickerson 22-0, 10-0; WW Hillsboro 9-3, 14-7; WW Larned 14-0, 25-5; 4-17—Hesston; 4-24—Pratt; 4-27—at Lyons; 5-1—at Kingman; 5-4–at Hoisington; 5-8—Halstead

KINGMAN (6-2)—WL Larned 16-5, 9-11; WW Hoisington 13-3, 17-7; 4-6—Hesston, ppd.; WL Smoky Valley 8-7, 7-15; WW Pratt; 4-20—Lyons; 4-24—at Halstead; 4-27—at Hillsboro; 5-1—Haven; 5-8—at Nickerson

LYONS (4-2)—LL Hoisington 1-19, 2-4; WW Hesston 12-3, 15-6; WW Nickerson 11-2, 10-0; 4-17—Halstead; 4-20—at Kingman; 4-24—at Hillsboro; 4-27—Haven; 5-1—at Smoky Valley; 5-4—Pratt; 5-8—Larned

PRATT (5-3)—WW Hesston 10-0, 10-0; WW Halstead 15-5, 14-8; WL Larned 11-7, 0-6; LL Kingman; 4-20—Hillsboro; 4-24—at Haven; 4-26—at Smoky Valley; 5-1—Nickerson; 5-4–at Lyons; 5-8—Hoisington

SMOKY VALLEY (5-3)—LL Haven 0-10, 0-15; WW Halstead 12-7, 16-5; WW—Nickerson 15-3, 16-9; WL Kingman 15-7, 7-8; 4-16—Hoisington; 4-20—at Hesston; 4-26—Pratt; 5-1—Lyons; 5-3—at Larned; 5-8—Hillsboro

HILLSBORO (4-4)—WW Nickerson 14-3, 11-1; WL Larned 16-1, 8-12; LL Haven 3-9, 7-14; WL Hoisington 11-9, 0-10; 4-20—at Pratt; 4-24—Lyons; 4-27—Kingman; 5-1—at Halstead; 5-4—Hesston; 5-8—at Smoky Valley

HOISINGTON (3-3)—WW Lyons 19-1, 4-2; LL Kingman 3-13, 7-17; WL Hillsboro 10-0, 9-11; 4-16—at Smoky Valley; 4-20—Nickerson; 4-24—at Larned; 4-27—Halstead; 5-1—Hesston; 5-4—Haven; 5-8—at Pratt

LARNED (3-5)—WL Kingman 11-9, 6-15; WL Hillsboro 12-8, 1-16; WL Pratt 6-0, 7-11; LL Haven 0-14, 5-25; 4-17—at Nickerson; 4-20—at Halstead; 4-24—Hoisington; 4-27—Hesston; 5-3—Smoky Valley; 5-8—at Lyons

HESSTON (2-4)—LL Pratt 0-10, 0-10; LL Lyons 3-12, 6-15; 4-6—Kingman, ppd.; WW Halstead 14-10, 7-6; 4-17—at Haven; 4-20—Smoky Valley; 4-24—at Nickerson; 4-27—at Larned; 5-1—at Hoisington; 5-4—at Hillsboro;

HALSTEAD (0-6)—LL Smoky Valley 7-12, 5-16; LL Pratt 5-15, 8-14; LL Hesston 10-14, 6-7; 4-17—at Lyons; 4-20—Larned; 4-24—Kingman; 4-27—at Hoisington; 5-1—Hillsboro; 5-4—at Nickerson; 5-8—at Haven

NICKERSON (0-8)—LL Hillsboro 3-14, 1-11; LL Haven 0-22, 0-10; LL Smoky Valley 3-15, 9-16; LL Lyons 2-11, 0-10; 4-17—Larned; 4—20—at Hoisington; 4-24—Hesston; 5-1—at Pratt; 5-4—at Halstead; 5-8—Kingman


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