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AG Schmidt to Kansas businesses: Watch out for new phishing scam
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Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt today warned businesses to watch out for a new scam aimed at acquiring employees’ personal information.
The scam involves someone sending to an employee an email that purports to be from the business’s Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer and requesting sensitive employee information, including tax forms such as W-2s. The emails appear to come from the CEO or CFO’s email address, but are actually “spoofed” addresses. The employee thinks he or she is providing information requested by a senior official at the company, but in fact the replies – including the requested personal information – are unwittingly sent to the scammer. This information can then be used by the scammer to commit identity theft.
Schmidt’s office said they were aware of at least three Kansas organizations that have been hit by this scam in the past week.
“As we get closer to the tax-filing deadline, these types of scams are on the rise,” Schmidt said. “I encourage all Kansas employers to warn their employees of this scam. If an employee receives an email of this type asking for sensitive records, he or she should always confirm that the person they are sending the information to is who they claim to be. Do not just reply to the email.”
More information on staying safe from scams is available on the attorney general’s consumer protection website at or by calling (800) 432-2310.