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Chlumsky promoted to Kansas Director
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Pictured from left to right are: 1st Degree Black Belt Michael Alnore (Rozel), 6th Degree Bill Ratzlaff (Arkansas), 2nd Degree Larry Churchill, 3rd Degree Tierra Ratzlaff (Arkansas), 7th Degree Gregg Taylor (Texas), 4th Degree Nathan Chlumsky (Larned), and in front: 9th Degree Steve Warren (Texas).

On July 20-22nd students from the Larned Family Israeli/Okinawan Kobra Kai Karate and Mixed Martial Arts U.S.A. Academy traveled to Palestine, Texas to train at the Main Dojo (school) at a Summer Karate Camp.
Head Instructor and 4th Degree Black Belt, Nathan Chlumsky was named “Kansas Regional Director” for the Shorinryu Matsumura Seito Wakidokai Karate Federation by Federation Head and 9th Degree Black Belt, Steve Warren of Palestine.
“It is a great responsibility,” said Chlumsky, “and also a great honor as I am now over the entire state of Kansas. Whatever issues other people from Kansas may have will now go through me first. I am also in charge of trying to recruit more schools into the Federation. Knowing that Master Warren has that kind of faith in me means a lot.”
The Larned Kobra Kai is located at 505 Broadway in Larned. For information on classes, seminars and demonstrations call Nathan at (620) 617-1701 or 285-6674.