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LCMHF Announces Employees of the Quarter
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Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility - photo by Tribune file photo

LARNED — The Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility is pleased to announce the following Employees of the Quarter for the second quarter of the year 2018: Uniformed, Curtis McAlister, Sergeant; Non-Uniformed, Brandi Johnson, Administrative Assistant; Contract, Kathy Fischer, Registered Nurse.

Curtis McAlister, Sergeant
Curtis McAlister, Uniformed Employee of the Quarter, began his Corrections Career in 2007 at Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility. He started In April of that year as a corporal before promoting to sergeant on Nov. 27, 2011. Curtis is currently assigned to the Rotunda Control Center in the Central Unit on the 6-2 shift.
“COII McAlister is very helpful to staff, especially new or transferring staff. He is very knowledgeable and goes out of his way to help everyone. He runs F-1 very well and seems to have little to no issues doing so. COII McAlister treats everyone with respect and works well with just about everyone. He stands up for what is right and defends coworkers when there is a good reason why a situation was completed differently than normally handled. He is as dependable as an atomic clock. He is very efficient at his job and improves constantly, as well as, gives positive criticism to help others improve the efficiency of their job.”
Sergeant McAlister was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, movoed to Bison and graduated from La Crosse High School, attended Barton Community College and calls Bison his hometown. He lives in Larned with wife Debra and has six grown children, 15 grandchildren and two dogs. While off duty, Curtis spends time bowling, hunting, fishing and camping. He has spent 20 years as a volunteer fire fighter and helps with community fund raising events.

Brandi Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Brandi Johnson, Non-uniformed Employee of the Quarter, began her career with the State of Kansas in April, 2004 as a clothing property officer at Larned State Hospital for the SPTP Program. She transferred to LCMHF in July, 2010 to work at her current position in the mailroom.
“Brandi does a great job as the mailroom administrative assistant. She is very knowledgeable in policies and rules related to the mailroom. Some of the duties are tedious however, no matter the duty she always takes it seriously and does not cut corners. Always attentive to details, she has assisted the EAI Department in many investigations. Even with the increased workload resulting from double bunking of inmates in the Central Unit last year, and the implementation of new policies that resulted, Brandi maintains a positive attitude and communicates well with her supervisors. Always a team player, she is quick to assist other departments and groups at LCMHF whenever asked. Brandi is a very reliable employee, who calls in sick very little.
Brandi is a very deserving candidate. “
Ms. Johnson has lived in Pawnee County since 1985. She has completed courses for EMT and Firefighter 1 through Barton County Community College. Brandi and her husband Mark have a 17-year-old daughter, Faith. They enjoy spending time together, being outdoors, and at the lake. Her hobbies include photography and crafts. Her continuing duties as a volunteer firefighter and EMT don’t allow much free time. For the last four years, Brandi has served as the director of the Burdett EMS.

Kathy Fischer, Registered Nurse
Kathy Fischer, Contract Employee of the Quarter, started her career at LCMHF in February, 2015 working for our medical contract provider, Corizon. She currently works the days, seeing offenders at both the Central and West Units. Previously, she served in the Nursing Department at the Larned State Hospital.
“Kathy has been an RN here at LCMHF since February 2015. In February, we had a stretch of medical emergencies over several days. Kathy was the first responding RN to two code blue incidents along with taking care of many other minor medical emergencies one Friday in February. Then again, on the following Monday she responded to another code blue situation. Kathy handled each situation with a calm, focused approach, and provided life-saving care to two offenders. She maintained a positive, problem-solving attitude during what turned into a couple of long and stressful days. For this reason, Kathy should be awarded LCMHF Contract Employee of the 2nd Quarter.”
RN Fischer is from Great Bend and attended Barton County Community College. She went on to Fort Hays State University, graduating in December, 2017 as a certified massage therapist. Kathy has two adult children. She also has a grandson and granddaughter from her daughter and son-in-law, and two granddaughters and a grandson from her son and daughter-in-law. married and has a beautiful son and daughter. In her spare time, Nurse Fischer enjoys making quilts, crafts and refinishing furniture.