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Local dental hygienist retires
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Phyllis Marsh, R.D. H.

Great Bend dental hygienist Phyllis Marsh, R.D. H. is retiring from active practice this month. Phyllis graduated from UMKC School of Dentistry with her Bacher of Science degree in Dental Hygiene in 1969. Her career has touched the lives of many patients throughout the state of Kansas as she has practiced in dental offices in Kansas City, Manhattan, Larned, and Great Bend. She most recently practiced with Dr. Konrad Rock and Dr. Ross Hildebrand.
Phyllis is a Great Bend native and is the daughter of the late Dr. Albert (Doc) Schubert, a Great Bend dentist who influenced her passion for the dental health of all patients under her care. She and her husband Dale Marsh have two children-daughter Ginger Armbrust of Salina and son Chris Marsh of Prairie Grove, Ark.
Her plans for this next phase in life include travel, creative pursuits (quilting, oil painting, sculpting, and photography) as well as fly fishing.
In her most recent practice with Dr. Ross Hildebrand, he comments “Phyllis epitomized a total commitment and passion for her profession and the health she strived to inspire and support in the thousands of patients under her care. Most people don’t realize the physical and emotional demands of a career in dental hygiene and Phyllis’ dedication and endurance to her duties these years was nothing short of remarkable. She served her profession proudly!”