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New technology benefits patients of Larned hospital
Courtesy photo: Jeannie Kolb, RN, left, is shown with Pawnee Valley Hospital Auxiliary ladies Ruth Stewart, Janis Yeager and Janet Skelton.

LARNED — Special nursing services lead Jeannie Kolb, RN, received valuable training to perform PICC insertions for patients at The University of Kansas Health System Pawnee Valley Campus. PICC lines are thin tubes, or catheters, used for long-term IV treatments such as antibiotics, nutrition and blood draws. Professionals from The University of Kansas Health System locations in Hays and Kansas City provided the training. 

Kolb said she welcomes the opportunity to provide this service to her patients. For those who need to have a PICC line placed in their upper extremity, Kolb uses an advanced ultrasound guidance technology that precisely confirms the tip of the catheter is safely in place.

The traditional technique used a chest X-ray for insertion of the PICC line. This service provides an even higher level of safe, comfortable and timely patient care. PICC lines placed with this technology also result in fewer complications. 

As has always been the case, the care team that oversees PICC lines closely monitors patients for follow-up care to greatly reduce the risk of infection. 

Safe, high-quality care is always the goal at Pawnee Valley Campus, Kolb said. “You need good critical thinking and, perhaps most important, the focus and commitment to avoid mistakes and protect our patients,” she said.

This technology was made possible in part by the Pawnee Valley Community Hospital Auxiliary, the PVCH Foundation and memorial gifts to the PVCH Foundation on behalf of Marty Turner and Keith Patterson.