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Office Products Inc. once again offers tailor-made computers
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Drake Toll, Office Products Inc. service IT technician, builds a computer in-house. OPI recently began offering this service again.

      For several years, the computer guys at Office Products Inc. (OPI) built computers to customers’ specifications. However, due to economics and other factors, they discontinued the service a few years ago.

            But now it has come full circle. Even though OPI will order brand names for customers, the company is once again building tailor-made computers.

            “We built them here for about 10 years,” said Steve Black, service IT technician. “Then we learned that it was more economical to order from a vendor. But now that has changed again. It is often less expensive for customers if we build our own.

            “In addition, we can control the quality of the parts we use. We can’t control the quality of a machine we order.”

            The added bonus is the OPI computer can be up and running in a home or office the next day.

            “In some cases,” Black noted, “we have an OPI-built machine in stock; if we don’t, we can build one quickly. When we order from a vendor, the customer might have to wait two or three weeks.

            “No one can afford to wait that long if a computer goes down. With an OPI-built computer, the customer can have a replacement quickly at a comparable price.”

            Drake Toll, another service IT technician, noted that the beauty of an OPI machine is flexibility.

            When customers show interest in an OPI machine, the technicians ask what it will be used for and what the customer expects.

            “We ask them what they want the computer to do and then we customize it to those specifications,” Toll said. “We will then install it for them in their home or office if they need our help.

            “If someone wants an abnormally large hard drive, we can accommodate,” Toll elaborated. “If you want to do some word processing and connect to the internet, we can do that too. Or you may want to play the newest and greatest video games. Or do some desktop publishing. Or have storage for lots and lots of photos. We can build anything.”

            But the service doesn’t end there. “We are right here to answer questions and provide maintenance,” Toll said.

            For more information, contact the technicians by calling 620-793-8479.

            OPI is located at 1204 Main in Great Bend; 516 Broadway in Larned; and 724 N. Main in Russell.