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McCormick named new marketing director at Sunflower Diversified
Debbie McCormick
I know Sunflower on a personal level and am thrilled to serve the agency in this new capacity. I understand what Sunflower has to offer and am eager to share this information with central Kansans.
Debbie McCormick

             Those who operate businesses in the Sunflower Diversified Services five-county area shouldn’t be surprised if they hear from Debbie McCormick in upcoming weeks and months.

            McCormick is the new director of marketing for the non-profit agency that serves infants, toddlers and adults with developmental delays and disabilities. Its service territory includes Barton, Pawnee, Rice, Rush and Stafford counties.

            “My main goals are to increase revenues and raise awareness about what Sunflower can do for local businesses and individuals,” McCormick said. “If we can accomplish these goals our clients will have more employment options and opportunities. This is a huge priority here.”

            Sunflower currently contracts with many businesses for jobs that involve manufacturing items such as pallets and doormats, packaging, recycling, assembly, paper shredding, woodworking and more.

            “If we can add to the list of companies, more clients will earn paychecks,” McCormick said. “I will contact businesses and individuals to listen to their ideas and share some of Sunflower’s proposals. We are open to suggestions from our current partners and we welcome all newcomers.”

            In addition, McCormick is in the process of starting an internet Sunflower consignment business. Details will be announced later.

            McCormick noted a couple of current Sunflower services that benefit local businesses. The recycling pick-up route includes 363 locations and crews also pick up shredded documents at more than 20 sites.

            “Recycling is smart business management,” McCormick noted. “It can cut costs, improve public image and boost morale. Employees like to know they work for a company that cares about the community and the environment.”

            Sunflower offers pick-up service throughout the five counties; residential customers can patronize the convenient drop-off site, 5523 10th in Great Bend.

            Shredding confidential documents is also crucial to businesses and individuals, McCormick added.

            “We are all aware of identity theft and the legal ramifications of medical records violations,” she explained. “We can protect ourselves by shredding documents so that confidential information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

            Shredded documents are placed in locked containers, shredded and shipped to paper mills.

            “Recycling, shredding and manufacturing offer opportunities for Sunflower clients to be productive and earn their own paychecks,” McCormick noted. “We all know how gratifying and rewarding this can be.”

            McCormick is personally gratified to serve Sunflower in this new way because the agency has supported her family for many years. She has a daughter with developmental delays; the daughter, who is now in her 30s, had three daughters who McCormick adopted. Two of these girls have delays.

            “I know Sunflower on a personal level and am thrilled to serve the agency in this new capacity,” she said. “I understand what Sunflower has to offer and am eager to share this information with central Kansans.”

            Connie Oetken, director of development, said McCormick “has a lot of knowledge about Sunflower and the community we serve. Debbie is hitting the ground running to boost job offerings for clients and awareness in the community.”

            Jon Prescott, Sunflower executive director, said McCormick and Oetken are working as a team to demonstrate that “Sunflower is the best service provider for children and adults with developmental delays and disabilities. All of us welcome Debbie to her new position. She is energetic and committed to the people we serve.”

            Prescott noted that Sunflower employed a director of marketing a number of years ago. “But the agency didn’t pursue filling the position until now,” he said. “We think we have found the perfect fit.”

            For more information about how Sunflower can help local businesses, contact McCormick by calling 620-792-1325.

Sunflower is in its 52nd year.