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Hoisington Chamber of Commerce to host virtual coffee
Link available at website, Facebook
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The Hoisington Chamber of Commerce is hosting a virtual coffee on Thursday mornings through the end of April.

HOISINGTON — A Thursday morning ritual is being placed on hold for the remainder of March and April as the state copes with an outbreak of Covid-19. The Hoisington Chamber of Commerce announced Tuesday morning it will be virtually hosting its weekly coffee. Coffee-goers are urged to check the organization’s facebook page, its website,, or a member email for a link to a video. 

“We will have our president or one of our board directors give the weekly update and invite our coffee host to give a brief overview of their business,” Karen Baldega, the executive director stated. 

Members and committee chairs are requested to provide a weekly update to the Chamber office by no later than noon on Wednesday to ensure the information is included in the video. Questions or concerns can be directed to Baldega by phone at 620-653-4311, or via text to 978-855-9699.