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On the 4th of July
A Woman's View
Judi Tabler color mug

The Fourth of July! Wow. What memories that day stirs up in us all!

Fireworks, family get togethers, cook-outs, and waving the flag! To kids, the fireworks are the most important still, and to the adults, well, as we age, the Flag becomes the focal point.

Remember as a kid, being asked this riddle: “What date does the Fourth of July fall on?” and as a kid, thinking, thinking, thinking...and finally answering with a pleased look, ”the fourth?”

What then, does the “Fourth” mean? What is this celebration about?

The Fourth of July or Independence Day, is the date that the Declaration of Independence, unanimously declared by the 13 United States of America, was adopted by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776

The United States of America is a republic. It is a union of “these” United States. Each state has agreed to be a part of the union, of a united nation. It is the greatest experiment in freedom that the world has ever known. 

The United States of America are united and have formed the most affluent, free, and industrious nation ever to have existed in history. Since these United States are a remarkable experiment, and if her history is ignored, or taken lightly or for granted, this experiment will not survive. We all have a responsibility to read, reflect, and continually learn about her history, and cherish her freedoms. 

The men who drafted the Constitution were not naïve nor ignorant. They knew the ropes. They understood the sin nature of man; that greed, power hunger, and different agendas would threaten this nation if there were not definite rules written down.

We all have the responsibility to teach our children what this nation means to us, and we should not leave it to the schools to do so.

There have been wars. Many. Young men and women have fought and died defending this country and other countries so that the United States of America could be what it is today. Many would never know old age, enjoy families, eat fresh peaches, or make snowmen with their children. And others? They have lost limbs, been mutilated, and have suffered indignities upon returning home because they fought for this nation.

During times of war and conflict, frightened and homesick young men and women have cried in their bunkers for their families, been traumatized, watched their comrades die, been hungry and cold, and suffered diseases like malaria, frost bite, lice infestation, jungle rot, and you name it. During times like these, our young men and women have boarded planes and ships with proud hearts, but with heavy hearts, saying good by to their babies, wives, parents. 

However, these times of conflict and war have instilled young men and women with a deep love for their nation, who have become patriotic soldiers, come to love God and Country, and become outstanding citizens. They have learned the value of life and liberty.

Yes, the United States of America has done corrupt things. Yes, we have made mistakes. but, the U.S.A. has been the example and leader nation, always there to help  countries hit by disaster, sending doctors, food, medicine, supplies, help, and technology to help them get up again. The U.S.A. has sent missionaries, food, supplies to many nations on an ongoing basis; nations that have changed for the better as a result. 

How many Chinese have you seen running to the aid of countries like tsunami hit Indonesia, or earthquake torn Haiti? How many African nations have you seen send in doctors and missionaries to disasters such as these? 

The United States of America is the country that arrives. In fact, the rest of the world expects us to be there for them.

Don’t forget this. The United States of America has offered a standard of living that it has earned through hard work and sacrifice; this nation has been a refuge to the many who have fled their ravaged countries, and it has been a standard for the rest of the world.

We have been blessed, but with rights comes responsibility; the responsibility that comes with the blessing. The two must work together.

Thank God for the Red, White, and Blue. Wave it proudly during this Independence Day, and pray for this nation. We are so fortunate to live here. Say this pledge as a prayer to Almighty God, who has provided this nation with the freedom and blessings that He has provided.

We pledge allegiance to the flag

Of the United States of America,

And to the Republic for which it stands,

One nation, under God, indivisible,

With liberty and justice for all.

Judi Tabler lives in Pawnee County and is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune. She can be reached at or juditabler@awomansview.