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4-H Day Results
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What is 4-H Day? 4-H Day gives members an opportunity to share their talents in public speaking, music and talent. Barton County 4-H Day was held at Ellinwood High School on Feb. 11th.
The top blues from six surrounding counties will advance to the Regional 4-H Day on Friday, March 9th beginning at 5:30 p.m. at Great Bend High School. The public is welcome to join us for the presentations. Although the competition is much tougher at Regional, the goal is still the same. In addition to developing public presentation skills, they also get to meet other members from other counties.
In the project talk division, the top two winners were Dalton Dicks, Busy Buzzers and Luke Wondra, Ellinwood Energizers. First alternate blue was Ryan Niles, Ellinwood Energizers and second alternate blue was Morgan Kaiser, TLC Twisters.
Other participants in the project talks with blue ribbons were Cal Kaiser, Busy Buzzers; and Jordan Davis Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers.
The Show and Share division is for younger members who would like to give a presentation but not be as concerned with the formal guidelines. Callie Schartz, TLC Twister; Lily Hoskins, Ellinwood Energizers and Tyler Reif, Hoisington Jets participated in the show and share division.
In Junior Demonstrations, Kirk Reisner, Hoisington Jets and Morgan Kaiser, TLC Twisters were the top blue winners. First alternate blue was Alexa Straub, Ellinwood Energizers and second alternate blue was BrayLynn Anshutz, Busy Buzzers.
Other participants in the junior demonstrations with blue ribbon placings were Isaac Mountain and Alaina Straub, from Ellinwood Energizers; Matthew Hicks and Brice Kaiser, Busy Buzzers; Molly Kaiser, TLC Twisters. Audrey Likes, Great Bend City Slickers; Jade Mountain and Jordan Lee Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers received a red ribbon rating.
In the Senior Demonstration and Illustrated Talks division, Hannah Mauler, Busy Buzzers 4-H Club and Cody Wondra, Ellinwood Energizers received the top blue placing. Heather Schneider, TLC Twisters was 15t Alternate Blue and Ryan Broeder, Eureka Homesteaders was 2nd Alternate. Katherine Hicks, Payton Mauler, Busy Buzzers; Kylie Broeder, Eureka Homesteaders; Anna Frizell and Jenna Hertel, TLC Twisters; and Tiffany Schneider and Kayleigh Bitter, Hoisington Jets; received blue ribbons.
In Public Speaking, Kyle Blakeslee, Ellinwood Energizers, and Anthony Broeder, Eureka
Homesteaders received top blues and will advance to regional.
In Extemporaneous speaking, Bonny Boultinghouse, TLC Twisters, and Anthony Broeder, Eureka Homesteaders received top blues. Desmond Noah, Hoisington Jets, received 1st alternate blue ribbon.
In the music performance room, Anthony Broeder, Eureka Homesteaders received the top blue rating in piano solo. First alternate blue was Jade Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers and second alternate was Jordan Davis Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers. Other piano solos with blue ribbon ratings were presented by BreAnn Anshutz, BrayLynn Anshutz, Busy Buzzers; and Ryan Broeder and Kylie Broeder, Eureka Homesteaders; Isaac Mountain, Grace Hoskins, Ellinwood Energizers; Morgan Kaiser, TLC Twisters. Those receiving red ribbons were Sarah Hammeke,
Ryan Niles, and Caden Rowen, Ellinwood Energizers.
Bonny Boultinghouse, TLC Twisters, received top blue in vocal solo, with Katherine Snapp, Busy Buzzers receiving 1st alternate blue. Jordan Davis Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers, received a red.
Katherine and Aubrey Snapp, Busy Buzzers received top blue on their vocal ensemble. Kirk Reisner from Hoisington Jets was the top blue rating with his instrumental solo. First alternate went to Anna Frizell, TLC Twisters and second alternate was Kylie Broeder, Eureka Homesteaders. Jade Mountain and Jordan Davis Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers; Joanna Lockwood, Eureka Homesteaders; and Morgan Kaiser, TLC Twisters, all received blues. Instrumental solos receiving red were Kayleigh Bitter, and Brinttain Noah, Hoisington Jets.
An instrumental ensemble presented by The Fabulous Five from Hoisington Jets and Eureka Homesteaders received top blue. Jade Mountain and Jordan Davis Mountain, Ellinwood Energizers; and MyKayla Burgess and Nicholas Long, Hoisington Jets, received blue ribbons.
In the talent division Morgan Kaiser, TLC Twisters, received top blue on her junior reading, with Grace Hoskins, Ellinwood Energizers receiving 1st Alternate Blue. Second alternate blue went to Kirk Reisner, Hoisington Jets. Receiving blue ribbons were Callie Schartz, TLC Twisters, and Emma Reif and Tyler Reif, Hoisington Jets.
In the senior reading division, top blue placing went to Kylie Broeder, Eureka Homesteaders. First alternate blue went to Nicole Likes, Great Bend City Slickers and Ryan Broeder, Eureka Homesteaders was second alternate. Tiffany Schneider, Hoisington Jets, Konner
and Keely Ireland, Busy Buzzers, received a blues.
The novelty or stunt division is always a display of creative talent. Hoisington Jets 4-H Club received top blue and Kayla Reisner and Tiffany Schneider from Hoisington Jets, received 1st Alternate Blue. Callie Schartz, TLC Twisters, received second alternate with a hula
hoop presentation.
Hoisington Jets Small Group received a Top Blue on their skit and Busy Buzzers members receiving lst Alternate Blue. Hoisington Jets Club received a red.
In the other dance category, Allyson Kaiser, Busy Buzzers received Top Blue for her tap dance. Heather Schneider, TLC Twisters; was first alternate and Bonny Boultinghouse, TLC Twisters was second alternate blue. TLC Twisters received a blue with their rendition of the Cupid Dance. Kayleigh Bitler, Hoisington Jets, and Heather Schneider, TLC Twisters also received blues.
4-H Day is a very important event because of the skills the members learn and they are willing to share with the public. If your organization would like to have a 4-H member give a presentation at a meeting, please contact the Extension Office and we will put you in contact with the leaders or parents.