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League of Women Voters meeting
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League of Women Voters of Great Bend will hold their monthly meeting at noon on Tuesday, at Montana Mike’s in the north room. Lunch will be from the menu and can be from their “quick serve” menu.
The speaker will be Phil Hathcock, Barton County Landfill Manager, informing the public about the changes that have been instituted in waste management. New equipment has been purchased to alter the way the waste products are disposed and how they will affect future generations who will have to deal with out problems. He will be talking about the way chemicals from the landfill can affect the water supply, how leakage is managed, and other topics of interest to anyone living in this area. Time will be allowed for questions and any one can enter into the discussion.
All League members are encouraged to attend and participate. Lunch is informal and dialog is always expected. Guests, both men and women, are
welcome. League is a non-partisan organization devoted to informing and educating the voting public on national, state, and local issues of importance. Membership is open to both men and women. League can be accessed on the web at http://lwvofgb.