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‘Disaster’ - Sterling summer musical - coming in July

STERLING — A “disaster” looms for Sterling this summer. It’s the Sterling Community Theatre Troupe’s summer musical which is entitled “Disaster” and is described as “a ’70s disaster movie musical.”

The show will be presented for three performances leading up to Sterling’s Old Fashioned Fourth of July celebration on Thursday and Friday, June 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m. and a final performance at 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 2. 

Audiences across the country from Broadway to community and school theaters have gone wild for what has been called “a hilarious homage to the era of bell bottoms, platform shoes, and the hustle. From the moment the glitter ball starts spinning you’ll be dancing in your seat ... and rolling in the aisles.”

Written by Broadway personality Seth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnik, the show pays homage to and sends up popular movies of the decade such as “Jaws,” “The Poseidon Adventure,” and “Earthquake” and features some of the most unforgettable songs of the era including “Feelings,” “I Am Woman,” and “Hot Stuff.”

“Disaster” is set in 1979 and New York’s hottest A-listers are lining up for the opening of a floating casino and discotheque. What begins as a night of boogie fever quickly changes to panic as the ship succumbs to multiple disasters, such as earthquakes, tidal waves and infernos. As the night turns into day, everyone struggles to survive and, quite possibly, repair the love that they’ve lost ... or at least escape the killer rats.

The Sterling cast of 24 includes community members, college students and high school students. Larry Brownlee will play the disaster expert desperately trying to warn everyone of impending doom. Amy Pieplow will play a faded disco star with Amy Brownlee as a nightclub singer. Her 11-year-old twins will both be played by Mary Little. 

A young reporter on the trail of a big story will be played by Rachel Thomson while the older couple with a secret will be played by Piper Harding and Ben Jones. Luke Harding and Noah Svaty will play two young waiters who are looking for love. The unscrupulous nightclub owner will be played by Seth Svaty. Betsy Dutton will play a nun with a gambling addiction.

Others in the cast will be seen as disco dancers, casino guests, and staffers. They include Jake Pieplow, Nick Amezola, Bryson Brownlee, Torey Wilson, Micah Svaty, Josiah Watney, Leland Britton, Grace Major, Bekah Parish, Alley Rowland, Jaiden Jaeger, Whitney Lansdowne and Zoe Harding. 

Directing the production is Dennis Dutton with Larry Brownlee as music director and set designer. Piper Harding is choreographer with Betsy Dutton also serving as costumer. 

Tickets for the show will be $10 for adults and $5 for students and will be available at the door before each performance.