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Discover The Language of Flowers
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Flax, shown blooming in the Kansas Wetlands Education Centers garden, sends a message of domestic industry, according to the flower dictionary that people used to communicate through flowers instead of words. Learn more about the language of flowers during a KWEC program on June 19.

People have been sending “messages” with flowers for centuries, with each flower species holding a meaning, but what are flowers really telling us? Discover hidden messages and more about flowers during the program, The Language of Flowers, at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, from 2 to 3 p.m. on June 19.
The first in a three-part series for adults delving into flowers, participants will discover the “meaning” of flowers in the KWEC pollinator garden, from messages to purpose. People in the Victorian era revived the custom of presenting nosegays or tussie mussies that conveyed messages. In this “language”, grass alluded to the fleeting quality of life; rosemary, remembrance – each flower carried a specific meaning. Participants will create their own tussie mussies and learn how our native flowers fulfill their real purpose of attracting pollinators.
Register by June 15 by calling KWEC at 1-877-243-9268.