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Ellinwood libraries need volunteers
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Sheri Holmes

Upgrades continue for Ellinwood Libraries. Central Kansas Library System staff are here to load our EGS books into the Pathfinder cataloging system. Karie Gibson, Amy Hammeke, and I are learning and assisting in the process.

Pathfinder Central, provided by CKLS, is a library catalog that is shared among 52 public and school libraries in the central Kansas area. It gives access to over 620,000 physical items that can be easily shared between member libraries via Pathfinder Interlibrary Loan (PILL).

Julie Blakeslee, Amy Hammeke, Treva Paden, Heather Dombroski, and I are in the process of weeding and organizing the school/community library, and our MS/HS students have begun changing barcodes. We greatly appreciate their help. We are looking for more student volunteers who need their community service hours to assist us in this process, and are now recruiting adult volunteers as well. We will continue to publish updates in the newspapers and on Facebook as our progress continues.

Sheri Holmes is the director of library and media services for the Ellinwood School and Community Libraries. She can be reached by email at