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Food recalls are in the news
Donna Krug

A couple of food recalls caught my attention in a newsletter I received this week from K-State Research and Extension. One deals with frozen blackberries while the other recall is for all purpose flour sold at Aldi stores. Read on for more details.

Frozen blackberries have been linked to possible Hepatitis A contamination. Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease that results from exposure to the Hepatitis A virus, including from food. It can range from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious illness lasting several months. Illness generally occurs within 15 to 50 days of exposure and includes fatigue, abdominal pain, jaundice, abnormal liver tests, dark urine and pale stool. Hepatitis A vaccination can prevent illness if given within two weeks of exposure to a contaminated food. In rare cases, particularly consumers who have a pre-existing severe illness or are immune compromised, Hepatitis A infection can progress to liver failure. 

Persons who may have consumed affected product should consult with their health care professional or local health department to determine if a vaccination is appropriate, and consumers with symptoms of Hepatitis A should contact their health care professional. You can learn more about this recall at the following website. 

The second recall I want to call your attention to has been issued by ALDI grocery stores. They have recalled all purpose flour due to a multistate outbreak of E.coli 026 infections. As of May 24, 2019, 17 people have been infected across eight states. No deaths have been reported.

Investigation results have shown that of those interviewed, they reported eating, licking, or tasting raw dough or batter. DNA fingerprinting identified the flour as the source of the infection.

Symptoms of E.coli infection can appear in one to three days. But the time it takes to confirm that a person is a part of an outbreak can take two to three weeks. Learn more at the following website.

I checked out both web sites and printed off the recall information. The states affected with the flour recall were primarily from Ohio and the east coast. However, the blackberry recall is from certain lots sold through Kroger stores.

If you have any questions about these recalls don’t hesitate to give me a call. 

Take time to Celebrate Dad

On this Father’s Day I hope you are finding ways to celebrate your dad. It is so refreshing to see fathers who have become more involved with their families beyond the role of breadwinner. I saw it in my husband, John, and now in our son and son-in-law, Adam and Art. Taking the time to develop and nurture relationships with children pays off big in the end. Children with active fathers develop skills they can carry into adulthood. Self-esteem soars when dads are active participants in their childrens’ lives. Children come with their own unique personalities, temperaments and developmental timetables and dads are an essential link to a child’s well-being. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!

Donna Krug is the Family & Consumer Science Agent with K-State Research and Extension – Cottonwood District. Contact her at 620-793-1910 or