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Garden Club hears presentation from Pam Sweeney
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The Great Bend Garden Club met Jan. 17 for their first meeting of the new year, with Sharon East serving as hostess. During the business meeting, members voted to give a donation to the Great Bend Beautification Committee.  

Pam Sweeney gave the program titled “Gardening for the Birds.” She referenced an article from “Kansas Country Living” Magazine, published by Kansas Electric Cooperatives. Mentioned were selection of plantings for the type of bird you want to attract to your yard. Various bushes and trees were discussed for providing a food source. It was noted that cardinals enjoy sunflower seeds, while other birds enjoy berries. Also important were types of plants that attract bees, which is very important for pollination. Bird feeders need to be sheltered from cats and squirrels. Members shared ideas for keeping squirrels from eating bird food, with different types of feeders they have tried in their yards. Bird baths need to be cleaned thoroughly and also set in sheltered areas.  Bird houses should be selected for the size of the bird you wish to attract,

The next meeting will be at 10 a.m. on Feb. 21, at the Barton County Extension Office. Toni Rice will be the guest speaker. Fern Tompkins will serve as hostess.