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Eating less doesnt mean losing more
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This week was a hard one. I lost one more pound since last week’s column (up to 22 of the 40 I set out to lose). With my pregnancy finally out of the closet, I can admit that my saving grace in sticking to the rules this week has been nausea. You would think that a persistent aversion to food would help boost the weight loss. However, eating less doesn’t always mean losing more.

I’ve noticed that the less I eat, the more tired and achy I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I am not purposely trying to cut more calories. In fact, since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve given myself an extra 300 calories per day just to be safe. My daily goal is 1600 calories, but most days it’s hard to get there. Getting food down is a battle, and I think it’s actually putting a damper on my healthy lifestyle. The less I eat, the less energy I have. Finding the gusto to do the vacuuming is a rarity the last few weeks, so exercising has been out of the question.

I’m definitely looking forward to the end of this trimester, so I can go for walks and stay up past 8 p.m. A boost in energy is just what this tired baby-maker needs to keep going on my journey to a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully by next week (the end of my first trimester), I’ll be back to my chipper self! Sincerely,

The queen of queasy,

Rachel E. Mawhirter