Amber Alert - Olivia Jansen, Kansas City
At 11:55 a.m. on Friday, Jul 10, an Amber Alert was issued for a 3 year-old female out of Kansas City, according to the Kansas City Police Department.
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Video appears to show bear carrying a laptop
Bears are known for eating everything from mountain berries to piles of garbage. But would a bear eat an Apple product? - photo by Grant Olsen
KALISPELL, Montana Bears are known for eating everything from mountain berries to piles of garbage. But would a bear eat a laptop?

A new video, posted to Facebook by Montana artist Mike Potter, allegedly features just that. The 5-second clip shows a bear, which Potter identifies as a brown bear, standing on the side of the road with a laptop in its mouth.

"It was a Montana moment I'll never forget. I mean I grew up here in Whitefish, Montana, and when I saw that, that is what makes Montana great," Potter told

Not everyone is convinced that the object in the bears mouth is a laptop. Some viewers claim that its just a piece of wood. But a wildlife expert interviewed by KBZK News didnt completely discount the laptop theory.

"It's so hard to tell and the video is so short, at least the one I have seen, said Stacy Courville, a Salish and Kootenai tribal wildlife biologist. We've looked at it multiple times and we can't tell."

Potter, on the hand, is certain about what he saw.

"As I drew focus and zoomed in with my phone, I could see it clearer, he said. And then when I was editing the video the next morning, I zoomed in at 100 percent and it just appeared to have a little micro-logo on it and shading right where a laptop would fold."

Regardless of what the object was, the bear in the video is likely going to encounter wildlife officials in the near future. They say that because of where the bear has set up his den, theyre going to most likely need to trap and relocate him.