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Word of lifestyle changes getting around
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Great Bend Tribune Managing Editor Dale Hogg and his wife, Volunteers in Action Volunteer Coordinator Linn Hogg, have embarked on this two-month lifestyle change experiment as a couple.
This was another challenging week on the old lifestyle change front. Not only did it include Thanksgiving, it also included another trip to Manhattan and Lawrence.
First, Thanksgiving. I love cooking and, like I said last week, had some ideas for a fresh twist on the old favorites.
But, once I got started preparing the food, as healthful as it might be, I couldn’t stop. We had a lot to pick from spread out on the kitchen counter.
The turkey turned out wonderful. I injected butter under the skin and seasoned it with rosemary, making it moist and flavorful.
My sweet potato/apple concoction was a hit, as were the steamed carrots. There was also a romaine lettuce salad with cranberries and light vinaigrette dressing.
Of course, there was pumpkin pie.
There may have been some over eating going on, but I planned well. I left very small holes on my plate for potatoes, stuffing and gravy. After my daughter, son and brother-in-law took leftovers home with them, there was very little left for us to nibble on at home. I am noticing a slight change in my sweet palate. Sugary items are not as appealing and tend to taste way too sweet.
As for the trip back east, it is always tough to eat healthfully while on the road. But, even though my journal has not always been kept up to date, I have begun to feel more accountable for what I eat.
Besides, I can always shove my leftovers onto Dale’s plate.
Again, this was a week of ups and downs.
It the week of Thanksgiving. Oddly, though, I think I behaved myself fairly well.
Sure, I probably ate more than I should have, but Linn’s “fresher” feast fare helped cut back on the fat and other bad stuff. I also don’t think I over indulged as much as I have in the past.
We agreed to perform this experiment knowing we were conducting it during the holidays, thinking that if we could make through the Thanksgiving and Christmas meal and snack seasons, we could make it through anything. It has proved challenging.
I appreciate the folks I’ve seen around town who have commented on this project. I have had my wrists slapped by people who saw me sneaking a cookie or a piece of candy.
I need all the help I can get.
There is one factor I didn’t take into consideration. With cooler weather (with spells of down right cold weather), my outdoor activities have been limited some.
I have gear to bike in the cold and I have tried to eliminate as many excuses for not getting out and riding as possible. But, it is just not as much fun when temperatures are low.
Today’s performance exercise clothing makes the chill more tolerable. I have learned that as long as I keep my head and hands covered, it is easier to stay warm.
Then, add in a sweat-wicking base layer, a looser layer to trap escaping body heat and, if necessary, an other layer to block the wind. I stay nice and toasty.
I have also learned to dress for warmer conditions than actually exist. When gearing up, dress with the heat your body will generate in mind.
You may feel cold with the first step or pedal stroke, but you will get warm. If over dressed, you will find your self uncomfortably hot.
That’s another advantage of the layers. You can start pealing if necessary.
However, I say all this on a day when the highs could be in the 60s and I rode my bike to work. If I put my money where my mouth is, I will have the guts to ride to work later in the week when the mercury drops.
One more thing, even though it is cold, you sweat. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.
Sure, I can move more of my cardio workouts into the gym, but it just isn’t the same. I vow to not let my bikes gather too much dust this fall and winter.
Hope to see you out there.