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Have You Seen This? Awesome man punches bear
You want to mess with Carl Moore's dog? Prepare to be punched in the face, even if you're a bear. - photo by John Clyde

BEAR COUNTRY I have no shame in admitting that I am afraid of bears. Scratch that, I am mortified of bears. They run fast, climb trees, swim like Michael Phelps and they a pretty darn clever. Give me a moment as I shudder.

With that out in the open it now makes sense that I have been looking for some form of protection from bears for years now. Ive thought about bear spray, but Im pretty sure thats just going to make the beast more angry with me and make my demise more painful. I thought about moving to the beach, but then I realized bears can still get there, and now Ive added sharks to the equation; not smart. It turns out all I needed all these years to feel safe was ex-Marine Carl Moore.

The best way to describe Moore would be, well, I have no idea. The mans a character, but hes a character with some guts, a soft spot for a tine dog and a mean right cross.

Moore claims that his dog, which may be mistaken for a tiny throw pillow, was standing face to face with a bear and Moore wasnt going to have any of that. Moore says he ran at the bear and punched it right in the face.

Dont believe him? Well, his long-time friend John Sargent corroborated the story and claims Moore nearly took the animals head off.

Sure, Moores story may seem better suited for something your old grand pappy tells you over a campfire, but I think Moores quote, which should be printed on shirts everywhere, tells us that we should trust this 73-year-old pugilist: The man or beast I run from aint been born. And his mommas already dead.

You watch the video, while I head to the T-shirt printing shop.