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'Little Boy': 3 points for parents
Jakob Salvati in Little Boy. - photo by Shawn O'Neill
Information for parents about the film "Little Boy":

Violence/gore: Short instances of theatrical violence from characters in a serial drama. Children physically push and then pour soda on a boy. A mans platoon is killed in battle and he is taken by the enemy. The same man is seen later in a POW camp and is shot. In a story being told to a boy, an army invades Japan and kills samurai warriors, then a man shoots a dart into an attackers neck and poisons him. A lunchbox is used as a weapon. A boy appears at the center of an explosion. He sees massive destruction as well as bodies of people who have been burned. A woman slaps her son. A man aims a shotgun at another mans face. In his home, a man is attacked and nearly killed. Boys throw rocks at a home.

Bullying: A boy is ostracized for his lack of height. A group of boys chases after the smaller boy. An older boy takes the property of another boy and demands the boy take it from him to get it back.

Language/drinking/smoking: Some racial slurs are used against a man of Japanese descent. A derogatory term for little people is used. Men are seen drinking in a bar and also on the side. Some smoking takes place.