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U-nerded we stand: 'Daredevil' gets its due and Deadpool shows his suit
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Welcome to a place for nerds who just want to be safe from the outside world and enjoy some news about comics, movies, games and hopefully anything else nerdy out there.

Each week we will talk about the news from the world of pop culture. This week is a good week because there is a new Netflix show we can enjoy, lots of new movie news and a ton of comics to whet your appetite.

'Daredevil' coming out on Friday

"Daredevil" got its revival this week, 13 episodes on Friday trying to get the street-level superheroes going for the Marvel universe. After the 2003 Ben Affleck movie that was somewhere between average and really bad, the Daredevil brand has been low. Even the Mark Waid comic, which has been phenomenal, didnt get its true recognition.

For any unfamiliar with "Daredevil," a quick primer is that Matt Murdock loses his sight in an accident involving some form of toxic waste. While he loses his sight, he gains heightened other senses, which allows him to see, and some super reflexes. His dad was a boxer who died young. Now Murdock as an adult is a lawyer who moonlights as the Man without Fear.

Netflix and Marvel will try to revive the on-screen franchise on its way to create a super group. Later this year and into next year, Netflix will release A.K.A. Jessica Jones and a Heroes for Hire take, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. These could lead up to a crossover group show called "Defenders."

For now, the focus is on Daredevil. The trailer shows a gritty dirty piece of Hells Kitchen, New York. There will be 13 episodes, no word on a second season, but there needs to a be a show that does justice for this Marvel staple.

David Lynch out of 'Twin Peaks' reboot

For those eagerly awaiting the new Twin Peaks, a new wrinkle has come about. The show is still on for Showtime, but the co-creator and man who added the weird to the show, David Lynch, is out. Lynch wrote and directed a large amount of the show, but rumors are he believed the show wasnt getting enough money from Showtime for his liking.

The show has its base, but was Lynch the engine of the show or just the conductor? Can it be great again, maybe good or just a fun look back? At worst, hopefully special agent Dale Cooper can get some more of that good coffee and pie. The original cast really wants Lynch back.

'Deadpool' filming, and its not CGI

Remember Wolverine: Origins? If so, Im sorry. However, remember how cool Ryan Reynolds was before they destroyed Deadpool? The first five minutes of that movie werent terrible, and I stick by the notion that it was because Reynolds was perfect in that role.

Now Reynolds is back as the merc with a mouth in an actual "Deadpool" movie, and it has started filming. Its very basic, but ultimately its awesome because there is next to no CGI for the title character. CGI is the great bane for comic movies, Im looking at you "Green Lantern," but the "Deadpool" movie has passed that test with an actual suit. Hopefully the action scenes will also avoid CGI.

Now all they need is some witty banter and probably him eating chimichangas, and this has all the makings of an actually respectable movie from Fox. Also, if Deadpool has his mask blasted off to give Reynolds more face time, ala Spider-man 3 (especially Topher Grace as Venom), I will be mad. We will see his face for sure, but Im hoping Reynolds goes the Karl Urban route in Dredd and keeps his mask on as much as possible.

Avengers news

In case you needed some extra incentive to go see "Avengers: Age of Ultron," there is now a rumor that the new Star Wars trailer will be released with it.

This hasnt been fully confirmed, but it makes sense, and really there isnt much reason for it not to be true. Marvel owns the Star Wars franchise now, so why not blow up the opening weekend with a new trailer for the return to a galaxy far, far away. And unlike some of the previous attached trailers, see "Wing Commander" (OK actually for the love of all things decent in this world dont go see "Wing Commander"), at least we will get a good movie with the admission price for our trailer.

Also, there's news that the new Avengers wont have a post-credit scene. There will be a mid-credit tag, but no post-credit scene because director Joss Whedon doesnt think anything can top the first movies shawarma scene.

The last bit of news for the Avengers franchise is that the third and fourth movie in the saga has directors attached. The Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony, have signed on to direct the two movies called the Infinity War. The brothers have a Marvel movie under their belt in Captain America: Winter Soldier along with the upcoming Civil War movie. They also have credits for Arrested Development and Community among many others.

Prepare for 'Secret Wars'

Marvel is changing everything in its comic universe when it brings back "Secret Wars." The original "Secret Wars" was a run in the 80s that Marvel will resurrect in a way, but really is just going to serve as a way to reboot everything again.

"Secret Wars" will reboot almost all comics within the Marvel comics world, like Marvel tried to do after A Vs. X, but this seems bigger and different. "Secret Wars" will end 33 different titles ranging from smaller titles like those for Elektra, Rocket Racoon and Ghostrider clear up to Spider-Man and a group of X-Men comics. It will destroy the Ultimate Universe, but rumor has it that Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man after Peter Parker died, will still sling webs, just no one is sure where.

Its still a month away, but start looking around to see if you want to pick up the new Infinity Gauntlet series to prepare for Avengers 3 and 4, perhaps you just want to see Peter and Mary-Jane Watson back together in "Spider-Man: Renew your Vows, or maybe you want to relive the X-Men cartoon from the 90s, in "X-Men 92" that picks up right where the show ended.

This could be a giant section, so Im just going to leave it here, but if you are looking to get into Marvel comics take note, because this will be a great spot to start.

Pickup of the week

This week has a lot of very interesting comics, first, the award-winning Saga with issue 27. For those not familiar with Saga, shame on you. Star Wars meets Romeo and Juliet in a galactic scale with weird creatures and a heart of gold. Of course this is in the middle of an arc, so its not a great place to start, check out the first trade paperback.

A book that actually is starting its second arc is Birthright. The idea behind this comic is a lot like the Chronicles of Narnia, but a little more twisted. Its a fantasy book that is early in its run. Issue 6 is out Wednesday, but also the first trade, which has the first five issues, so pick up the trade and the sixth issue. Also these are all Image comics because they have a lot of quality comics right now Savior 1 and Jupiters Circle 1 have the makings of a really good couple of mini-series.

DC Comics has a new event called Convergence, and the first 10 comics are out now. The general idea is that everyone will have some contact with each other, but not in the universes you expect. Just like Marvels "Secret Wars," "Convergence" will change a lot of what is going on in DC.