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New non-fiction books added at the library
Cardinal Catalog
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Here at Hoisington Public Library, the staff is preparing for Summer Reading. We hope to be back to normal by then, so we have a full slate of activities scheduled for Wednesdays in June. Be sure to save the date for the kiddos!

We have continued to build our collection during this time of COVID. We have added 1,000 DVDs. Many of these are current movies, and we have had to add additional storage space for them. A thank you goes to Ellinwood School/Community Library for their generous donation of DVD towers to our library, which we have used to provide more space.

Such children’s movies as “Pinkalicious,” “Home,” many new and classic horror, and dozens of thrillers have been added. If you’d like to binge watch a series, we have all eight “Game of Thrones,” “Suits,” “Call the Midwife,” “Outlander” and others.

The library would like to thank the Quivira Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Association for donating a whole section of Santa Fe Trail books. We are thrilled to add these to our library! They will greatly supplement our Kansas history section.

Here are a few of our nonfiction books:

99 Ancient Secrets and Mysteries of the Bible Explored - Museum of the Bible. Discover curious and thought-provoking stories and secrets of ancient times.

The Ax Murders of Saxtown - Nicholas Pistor. In 1874, the Saxton Massacre rocked the nation reeling from economic depression and shattered a small German immigrant farming community in Illinois. The Stelzreide family of five were murdered with an ax. This book shows that crime didn’t begin in 1990.

Popular Jewelry 1840-1940 - Roseann Ettinger. This book takes the reader on a tour of antique jewelry, and gives the reader prices and styles.

Easy Growing - Gayla Trail. This book provides photographs of organics herbs and edible flowers grown in small spaces.

Working Women and What They Wore - Abrams Image. This book covers photos of working women from the Civil War to today.

Karen La Pierre is the director at the Hoisington Public Library. She can be reached by email at