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Reunion of students of Barton County District 71 Country School
loc vlc Dist71reunion pic
Reunion of students of Barton County District 71 Country School - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

    On Monday July 14, 2014 former students had a reunion at St. Mark Lutheran Church at 21st and Jackson. They had attended from 1937 to 1963 when the school closed. (Great Bend Tribune May 22, 2014 article) Students came from Corona, California; Poulsbo, Washington; Meeker, Oklahoma; Fort Collins, Colorado; Kinkaid, Kansas; Hutchinson, Kansas; Hoisington, Kansas; Pawnee Rock, Kansas and Great Bend, Kansas.
    Students attending were: Mary Brocher Smith, Johnny Moser, Jimmy Ellis, Sue Ellen Gaunt Lee, Steve Stephens, Nita Peterson Mohr, Richard Brocher, David Gaunt, Arlene Lundquist Bakumenko, Bobby Ramey, Rita Peterson Roblyn, Stephen Gaunt, Gary Ellis, Marie Roach Stanley, Terry Gaunt, Jack Dunn, Pat Wright Mauck, Arleen Whittaker (teacher), Carrol Owen, Rex Ramey, Dennis Ramey, Terry Lundquist, Linda Barton Carter, Sandy Pedigo Smith, Carolyn Gaunt Anschutz, Kathy McNett Johnson, Shirley Boepple Henning and Lynn Richter (kneeling).
    Spouses, offspring and other relatives were also in attendance. These include: Ellen Moser, Jack Lee, Marlene Stephens, Marla Brocher, Val Bakumenko, Linda Ramey, Glenna Gaunt, Bill Stanley, Joann Dunn, Virginia Ramey, Nancy Ramey, Susie Lundquist, Randy Smith, Howard Johnson, Carli Day, Mike and Sheryl Butler. Refreshments were served by Marla Brochure, wife of Richard Brocher.