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A Womans View
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The rain came in the night. First it began to fall gently; then seemed to be gathering momentum as the thunder increased. Nothing is more comfy than bed when it is raining and thundering outside, unless one has to go out in it.
Flossie Kanklefitz was laying in her bed, next to Clarence, her husband of many, many years. She remembered that she had left the windows in the combination workshop/garage open. She stirred, finally deciding to get out their warm bed and go close them. The garage had a pass though room from the back door to the garage door. Flossie only had her underpants on, but didn’t think that she would get cold.
After all, it would only take a minute to shut the windows and save the task of cleaning up rain water the next day.
Tiptoeing through the laundry room to the side door, she opened the door and shut it behind her. That door was never locked as a rule. Oh yes, one time the lock button on the door knob did hit the edge of the dryer when she opened the door too far. The door accidentally locked, but Flossie didn’t consider that as she stepped out to the garage.
She closed the window, turned and preceded back into the house. But when she reached the door into the house, it wouldn’t open. It was locked. Guess what happened? Yes. The door knob had at some point bumped against the dryer and locked itself.
She decided to walk around the outside of the house to the bedroom window and waken Clarence. But Clarence was sleeping soundly. “Oh well, I have another idea”, thought Flossie as she tiptoed to the front steps in her underwear. Flossie stepped up to the door, and rang the doorbell. Certainly, that would waken Clarence.
Clarence and Flossie’s bedroom happened to be located a distance from the front door. Clarence was sleeping soundly. Clarence didn’t wake up.
It was still raining. Flossie decided to leave the front porch steps and return to their bedroom window. But as she descended down the front steps, she lost her footing and fell off the last step. She hit the ground and whacked her right shoulder on the edge of the steps.
After groaning a while (and probably being thankful that it was summer, and not winter snowy cold), she decided she had to get up. Now, picture this; Flossie in her underpants only, shoulder hurting, face in pain…..
She trudged to the window, not caring now how gently she knocked this time. This was now a desperate situation!. Rap Rap. Rap Rap. Bang Bang. (hitting glass). Clarence woke up. He came to the window, smiled, and knocked back. Rap Rap, Knock Knock.
“Open the door Clarence! I got locked out!”(not funny, Clarence!)
Clarence: “I was enjoying knocking back. It isn’t often that a naked lady raps at my bedroom window”, remarked Clarence cleverly.
“Oh ha ha’, answered Flossie.
“It’s a darn good thing we live out in the country!” remarked Flossie to herself.
I would say that it’s a darn good thing that Clarence is still alive!
It has been brought to my attention that my poetic license got me into a little trouble. In one of my past articles, I referred in the story to the Auxiliary Holiday Gift Fair that is coming as I explained how Otis perceives it in his mind. But I alluded to its being in October.
Mea culpa! Ten lashes with a wet noodle for me! The show will be in Nov. 12!