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Advertising alert for local businesses
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The City of Great Bend issued information Wednesday about companies that are using the city’s name and logo for their financial benefit through unendorsed advertisement.
Companies like Empire Magnets and GMS Magnets use these identifiers on things like calendars, magnets and maps, said Christina Hayes, Great Bend community coordinator and Convention and Visitors Bureau director. These companies have also associated themselves with the Chamber of Commerce and Barton County.
The City of Great Bend does not endorse outside agencies to promote Great Bend information, listings, maps, etc., Hayes stated in a press release.
“Some of these companies have been misrepresenting us and stating that the City, Chamber and County are reaping the benefits of advertising dollars and this is untrue. We tend to use local and familiar companies and it is our policy that if we are partnering on a project we notify businesses and the public first, either through press releases, official meetings or in official written form.”
If there is ever a question about the legitimacy of an advertising opportunity with the city, the public is encouraged you to contact Hayes who can confirm if the city made the request.
For more information or further questions contact Great Bend City Hall, 620-793-4111.