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BCC seeks to lower textbook costs
Contract renewals reviewed

Meeting at a glance
Here’s a quick look at topics discussed Tuesday at the Barton Community College Board of Trustees meeting.
• Reviewed the April financial statement.
• Heard about an Open Education Resources initiative to enhance educational access to all individuals regardless of financial means.
• Heard about academic integrity efforts at the college.
• Heard a report on compliance with Kansas Board of Regents performance agreements.
• Discussed administrative, management staff and head coach contract renewals.

Barton Community College educators hope to lower the cost of textbooks in the future by using more materials that can be found in the public domain and elsewhere for little or no cost. The group working on a project for Open Educational Resources (OER) gave a report Tuesday and the BCC Board of Trustees study session.
“Textbooks are quite expensive,” said Matt Connell, a member of the OER group. That is why many schools are looking for low-cost or free supplemental materials that can be posted online.
Dean of Academics Brian Howe said quality assurance is an important part of the group’s work. He agreed there are some materials online that are “rife with errors and not very robust.”
That is why one of the first steps of the group will be to draft an OER guide for faculty.
Barton Vice President Elaine Simmons said this nothing new in academia. “OER is certainly something a lot of other institutions are doing,” she said. “We’re in a research mode to find what is best for our institution.”
A survey of 84 students showed they aren’t opposed to paying something but they don’t like paying $100 or more for a textbook. ReGina Casper, another member of the OER work group, said Butler County Community College has OER courses that have a $30 content fee.
Group member Karly Little said there are other advantages to a class without printed textbooks.
“Students don’t want to be tied into a textbook,” she said. “It’s one more thing to carry back and forth.”

Contract renewals:
The board also reviewed the 2018-2019 contract renewal lists for administrators, management and head coaches, which will be approved at a future meeting. There are no new contracts. Two of the newest employees are Tyler Soper with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration training program and head softball coach Tyler Gunelson.
There are two open positions, for dean of Workforce Training and Community Education and for assistant dean of Information Services, which will remain open until filled.

2018-2019 Administrative Contracts Renewal List
• Ashley Anderson – Dean of Military Academic Services
• Mark Dean – Vice President of Administration
• Brian Howe – Dean of Academics
• Michelle Kaiser – Chief Information Officer
• Angela Maddy – Vice President of Student Services
• Charles Perkins – Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
• Elaine Simmons – Vice President of Instruction
• Kurtis Teal – Dean of Fort Riley Technical Education and Military Outreach Training
• Open Position – Dean of Workforce Training and Community Education

2018-2019 Management Staff Contracts Renewal List
• Terry Barrow – Comptroller and Budget Manager
• Coleen Cape – Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
• Mary Foley – Executive Director of Workforce Training and Economic Development
• Lindsay Holmes – Director of HZMT-EMHS
• Jane Howard – Executive Director of Business, Technology and Community Education
• Julie Knoblich – Director of Human Resources
• Dr. Kathleen Kottas – Executive Director of Nursing and Healthcare Education
• Claudia Mather – Associate Dean of Distance Learning
• Terri Mebane – Director of Military Programs
• Leanne Miller – Director of Fort Leavenworth Learning Services
• Todd Moore – Assistant Director of Athletics and Sports Information Director
• Amy Oelke – Director of Enterprise Technology and DBA
• Myrna Perkins – Chief Accreditation Officer and Director of Financial Aid
• ReGina Reynolds-Casper – Director of Library
• Trevor Rolfs – Director of Athletics
• Tyler Soper – Director of OSH Program and Director of Great Plains OSHA Education
• Laura Stutzman – Business Manager
• Open Position – Assistant Dean of Information Services

2018-2019 Head Coach Contracts Renewal List
• Mike Bammes – Head Coach (Wrestling)
• Brent Biggs – Head Coach (Baseball)
• Michael Brown – Head Coach (Men’s Soccer)
• Ousmane Camara – Head Coach (Women’s Soccer)
• Jerold Clark – Head Coach (Women’s Basketball)
• Craig Fletchall – Head Coach (Men’s Basketball)
• Tyler Gunelson – Head Coach (Softball)
• Douglas Kaiser – Head Coach (Men’s and Women’s Golf)
• Jonathan Reeder – Head Coach (Men’s and Women’s Swimming)
• David Schenek – Head Coach (Track and Cross Country)
• Amanda Schnoebelen – Head Coach (Dance Line and Cheerleader)
• Brandon Stephenson – Head Coach (Volleyball)
• Lyle Stickney – Head Coach (Tennis)