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Cemetery phase 2 under consideration
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HOISINGTON — City Manager Jonathan Mitchell, during his report to the city council Monday, May 14, stated people have been impressed with the work done so far at the Hoisington Cemetery.
The improvement is prompting discussion towards setting a timeline for the beginning of the next phase, but money must be found in order for the second phase to start.
Council President Michael Aylward said a patron had inquired about making a donation for the second phase of the project.
“I’m glad you brought that up,” Mitchell said. “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the fencing, but the big question we continue to be asked is when the next phase will start.”

Earlier in the meeting, the city received an insurance premium refund check for $25,509. This, he said, could be offered as a challenge grant to raise the money needed to move forward.
“We could say we are going to contribute “x” number of dollars if we can match it with contributions from the community,” he suggested.
The council perked up at the idea.
“We can’t do anything until we get some money,” Aylward said.
In order to determine how much needs to be raised, first the council would need to agree on the scope of phase 2, and estimates could be sought.
So far, the fence has been installed, wrapping around the northwest corner of the cemetery, including under the new sign, and along the north half of the western side from the corner to the west entrance.

In December, the council approved a bid from Eldridge Fencing, Great Bend, for approximately $23,000 to install a wrought-iron fence with a 12-inch mowing strip and an arched sign there. The second phase could bring the fence and mowing strip to the south corner along Cedar Street, but other options are also on the table. Mitchell said he expects the second phase to be another significant investment upwards of $20,000.
The council authorized him to inquire about cost and report back so they may determine how much the city may offer for matching.
The Hoisington City Council meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 29.