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Commission renews community improvement agreement
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There have been improvements in Claflin, including to schools, as a result of the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan through Barton County. The County Commission approved Monday renewing an agreement for the plan. - photo by VERONICA COONS Great Bend Tribune

 The Barton County Commission Monday morning approved the renewal of the county’s five-year Claflin Neighborhood Revitalization Plan interlocal agreement. 

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan provides tax rebates for qualified new improvements with the county performing the administrative tax functions. The program provisions, in this case relative to the City of Claflin, are outlined in the interlocal agreement and in the plan, said Claflin City Attorney Bob Suelter.

The program is designed to provide an incentive to encourage improvements to real estate within the city, Suelter said. “They are trying to keep the town nice.”

The program has been in existence for several years. The rebates are for the improvements only and the tax revenues currently realized will increase as the rebates are reduced with the full taxes realized after the conclusion of the 10 year period.  

These plans are for improvements made to properties that increase the value by $5,000 on residential and $10,000 on commercial. If a property is eligible, the plan provides a rebate on taxes paid by the owner.

Suelter said the program has fostered growth and other improvements in Claflin.

“Anything we can do to increase growth and sustainability of our communities is important,” Commissioner Alicia Straub said. She hoped the program was living up to its potential.

A similar program is in effect in the City of Great Bend. Barton County will collect the taxes and pay out the rebates.