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Aylward Memorial Scholarship established by Kans for Kids
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The Kans for Kids Fighting Cancer Foundation recently announced the establishment of  the Jan Aylward Memorial Scholarship.
The “progressive scholarship” will first be awarded upon their graduation from high school and will renew each year for four years of higher education at an increased amount.
It will be awarded to any of the children who have been beneficiaries of Kans for Kids funding as they battled childhood cancer.
According to a statement released by Duane and Debbie Reif, directors of the organization, “Jan Aylward had been a great friend and supporter of Kans for Kids since its inception in 1994. She was killed in an auto accident on Nov. 26, 2012. Her humble and generous wish was that Kans for Kids be a recipient of her memorials.
“Jan was not only a friend to Kans for Kids, but a long-time personal friend of our family. She was part of the very early days of ‘Kans for Katie,’ and had continued to support us emotionally and generously as our organization grew.
 “We, along with her family, agreed that the best way to honor her memory was to create a scholarship in her name that will encourage the kids of Kans for Kids to further their education and know that we’re always there to help in some small way.”
The Jan Aylward Memorial Scholarship will be given in addition to the Becky Nicholson/ Kans for Kids Scholarship that was established in 1991.
For more information on Kans for Kids go to or call 620-653-2210.