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CKCA first semester honor roll
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Central Kansas Christian Academy has released their 4th through 9th grade Principal’s all A’s honor roll and their A and B Honor roll for the first semester of the 2012/2013 school year. CKCA uses the following  grading scale: 100 is an A+ , 96-99 is an A, 93-95 is an A-, 90-92 is a B+, 87-89 is a B, 84-86 is a B-, 81-83 is a C+, 78-80 is a C, 74-77 is a C-, 71-73 is a D+, 68-70 is a D, 65-67 is a D-. Anything below a 64 is failing.
Principal’s Honor Roll
Freshmen: Emily Hammonds, Matthew Mettling, Kate Schmitt
6th grade: Matt Phillips, Matt Zorn
5th grade: Collin Hammond, Evan Hammond, Christopher Schenk
4th grade: Jaci Guthrie, Ruthie Williams
A and B Honor Roll
8th grade: Elsi Miller, Addison Westoff
7th grade: Abby McKinney
6th grade: Robbie Brining, Chase Harter, Malachi Williams, McKayla Williams
5th grade: Kaeden Amerine, Christian  Ardnt,  Callen  Ayre, Logan Hammeke, Paige Kelly, Accacia Pedigo, Brannan Schaffer, Marin Rhodes
4th grade: Mollie Phillips, Darby Eakin