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HCC lists honor roll students
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Hutchinson Community College has announced the honor rolls for the Spring 2015 semester, including grades through the end of the interterm session. 1,330 students have been honored with selection to the two honor roll listings, with 721 achieving the President’s Honor Roll with a 4.0 grade point average for the semester.
Area Spring 2015 President’s Honor Roll honorees were:
Chase: Emily Root; Claflin: Susan Zink; Ellinwood: Jessica Grigoreva; Great Bend: Samantha Roddey, Justin Tracy; Kinsley: Tyson Espinosa; Little River: Ryan Barta, Scott Ellwood, Davin Pifer, Tad Ramage, Ryan Sears, Melissa Wolf, Lyons: Cathy Rose, Emily Ziolkowski; Russell: Lane Mai, Alexandra Ptacek; St. John: Racheal Davis, Edward Graves; Sterling: Brittany Daniels, Clayton Duft, Gary Green, Michael Hendricks, Anna Proffitt, Tristen Vagts, Erik Vogt, Walter White; Stafford: T.J. Claypool
Area Spring 2015 Vice-president’s Honor Roll honorees were:
Claflin: Susan Zink; Geneseo: Lacey Sullivan; Kinsley: Carly Schuette; Little River: Dalton Arnold; Callie Cordell; Lyons: Mayra Armendariz, Stephanie Page, Jessica Reid, Tiffany Stieben, Shani Watson; Ness City: Brea Bozarth; Dylan Winter; Russell: Alexanderia Marsell; St. John: Racheal Davis, Esai Macias; Sterling: Jessica Kendig, Victoria Mcmanus, Anna Proffitt, Luke Schweizer, Tanner Stallings, Erik Vogt