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Parents relate their childrens dramatic successes at Incredible Years
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Liam Stone, left, and Ethan Genova have some fun while learning at Incredible Years Preschool. Enrollment officially opens Friday, April 15, for the summer and fall terms. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Enrollment opens soon at Incredible Years Preschool



            Open enrollment for summer and fall terms at Incredible Years Preschool officially begins Friday, April 15. Parents may call 620-792-4087 or stop in at the preschool, 1312 Patton, for more information.

            Sunflower Diversified Services owns and operates Incredible Years, which is open to youngsters age 2-and-a-half to 5. Its curriculum is designed for all children, regardless of where they are in their development.

            Director Shari Schneider outlined the curriculum, which includes imaginative play; social/emotional development; language, literature and communication; arts and sciences; and sensory and motor exploration.

            “We also have special programs and parent/teacher conferences on our schedule,” Schneider said. “Parents can be assured our professional staff is highly qualified. But most important, we love teaching and watching the little ones learn.”

            In addition to her administrative duties, Schneider also teaches. Her colleagues are Jolene Hindman and Jessica Kraisinger.

            Tuition is on a sliding fee scale, based on income.

              When a preschool wouldn’t enroll Ethan Genova because he wasn’t fully potty trained at age 2-and-a-half, the next stop was Incredible Years Preschool. And his parents, Chrissy and Derek Genova, have never looked back.

            “Incredible Years has been a blessing,” Chrissy said. “Maybe Ethan would have done well at another preschool but I know he did amazing things at Incredible Years. The teachers are so very patient and put forth extra effort for all their kids. I wish he could stay here for the rest of his schooling but he starts kindergarten in the fall.”

            Chrissy knows Ethan is well-prepared for this next level because of the dramatic changes in his behavior.

            “Ethan has no siblings and no other family in Great Bend,” she said. “When we moved here three years ago he was very, very shy, and I mean ‘very.’ At one gathering, he literally laid face-down and didn’t move for 30 minutes.

            “So, the first few days at preschool were similar,” Chrissy continued. “When he saw people, it was an instant drop to the floor, or he was hiding behind me and holding on for dear life.”

            Today, however, her son is a “whole different kid. He hates it when he has to leave preschool. We drop him off at the classroom door and off he goes. At his birthday party, he gave everyone a hug and thanked them for his gifts. Our family was really impressed with the changes.”

            Stacie Stone, also of Great Bend, is another parent of an Incredible Years youngster who described “dramatic differences” in her son. Liam Stone will also start kindergarten in the fall.

            “Before he came to Incredible Years, he was extremely impatient and didn’t like sharing,” Stacie recalled. “His lack of focus was affecting his learning and everything else. He was a busy little bee.”

            Liam started at the preschool when he was 2-and-a-half and “now he is focused, loves to learn, loves books and loves to sing,” his mom said. “Liam is simply a different child.

“He used to indicate that he wouldn’t join in with the other kids and was going to do his own thing,” Stacie elaborated. “Now he is interacting with all ages. He is the most friendly, outgoing little guy.”

            Stacie and her husband, Shelby, learned about the preschool when their daughter, Dylan, received speech therapy at the Sunflower Diversified Services Early Education Center. Dylan is now in first grade, after also attending Incredible Years.

            “The early ed center did such a great job with Dylan that we knew we wanted Liam to come to Sunflower’s preschool,” Stacie commented. “We were amazed at how quickly Dylan overcame her speech problem.

            “I remember the speech therapist said that once Dylan starts talking, she won’t stop. The therapist was right; boy, was she right,” Stacy added, laughing. “It is the best decision we ever made for Dylan.”

            Stacie also noted that history will probably repeat itself when Liam has to leave Incredible Years.

            “He will be so disappointed when he realizes he can’t come back,” she said. “I remember that Dylan cried for a while.”

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