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Experience the marsh during Aquatic Camp
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Come celebrate the rain and all of the water now at KWEC at our annual Aquatic Camp on July 11. The last two years have been challenging to say the least but now we have plenty of water filled with all kinds of fantastic creatures.
Sign up your child to discover a whole new world under the water’s surface, as we find animals ranging from macro-invertebrates (adult and immature insects) to frogs and crayfish. We’ll use several sampling techniques to collect specimens, then identify them and learn interesting facts about them.  As always, the kids will also make a related craft, enjoy a hands-on snack and just have fun.  
Children will be taking part in outdoor activities and will be walking in mud and shallow water. Have your child wear old shoes, socks, shorts and t-shirt for the morning session. They will be getting these clothes wet and muddy! Participants will be required to bring a change of clothing in a plastic bag to change into after the outdoor activities.  
This is a joint venture with the Great Bend Recreation Center, so registration is required through the Rec Center and there is a small fee and a maximum of 25 children. Contact them at 793-6696 to register.