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Firefighters' June Jaunt photo inspires caption contest
Mayor Cody Schmidt, left, and city councilwoman Jolene Biggs laugh as they hear possible captions for a photo of Great Bend Firefighters drinking tea at June Jaunt. City council members voted on the best caption Monday when City Coordinator Christina Hayes reported on the success of this year’s event. - photo by Susan Thacker

A picture of Great Bend Firefighters sipping tea at June Jaunt now has an official caption, chosen by the Great Bend City Council.

City Christina Hayes shared the photo at Monday’s meeting and asked members to vote on their favorite.

Hayes explained that Crazy 8 Nutrition, a health food store at 2122 Main, provided firefighters with energy tea and the photo was taken to say thanks. Firefighters are posed on and in front of a fire engine. Two are holding axes and all are holding glasses of tea.

“Explore Great Bend decided that we were going to take this fun picture, because we loved it so much, and have a caption contest,” Hayes said. The winner will receive $25 in Chamber Bucks and an I Love Great Bend T-shirt. There were 53 comments and the top five choices were submitted to the council, which was asked to choose the winner.

The choices were:

A - “The chief is coming. Act natural.”

B - “My tea brings all the boys to my yard.”

C - “Feeling refreshed; might go fight a fire later.”

D - “Where do we submit our picture for the calendar?”

E - “Rule Number One for being a fireman: Always use a straw. It keeps the moustache fresh as the drink.”

There was a tie vote between D and E. In the runoff, E was selected.