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Flu vaccines available at BCHD
Latest COVID-19, RSV vaccines coming soon
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This story has been updated with a new headline to make it clear that the Barton County Health Department does not yet have the updated COVID-19 vaccine. The story has not changed:

The Barton County Health Department currently has influenza vaccine available, and in upcoming weeks expects to be able to offer the updated COVID-19 vaccines and the recently approved RSV vaccines. There are different formulations of the vaccines being offered, and further guidance and information is available from Health Department staff. 

“Standard Fluzone and Fluzone High-Dose vaccines are available on a walk-in basis at the Health Department,” said Karen Winkelman, Health Department Director. “Previously the Flublok vaccine was available, but this year there were specific lots of Flublok that were compromised in production and have not yet received FDA approval, so we are not expecting to have this vaccine available. However, it may be available at other locations.” 

On Sept. 12, the Barton County Health Department was notified by KDHE that the FDA took action to approve the Emergency Use Authorization of an updated mRNA vaccine to provide better protection against the current circulating COVID-19 variants. 

These new vaccines from Pfizer Inc., and ModernaTX Inc. will include a monovalent (single) component that targets the dominant COVID-19 virus variant Omicron XBB.1.5. 

“Effective immediately, the Barton County Health Department will not have COVID-19 vaccine available until we receive our shipment of the newly authorized vaccine,” advises Winkelman. “We expect to receive limited doses in the next few weeks, with more shipments arriving as the vaccine becomes available.” 

Anyone, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status, may receive the updated monovalent vaccines, as long as it has been at least two months since the last dose of any COVID-19 vaccine. However, there are a few exceptions so individuals may contact the Health Department if they need more information. 

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) vaccine will also be available at the Health Department within the next few weeks. The two vaccines for adults 60 year of age and older are currently approved using a shared clinical decision-making model with your medical provider. 

For more information about the influenza, COVID-19, and RSV vaccines, contact the Barton County Health Department at 620-793-1902. 

Additional Influenza Vaccine Information 

A. Standard Fluzone Quadrivalent Vaccine – Approved for ages 6 months and beyond. This is a standard vaccine indicated for active immunizaBon for prevenBon of influenza disease caused by Influenza A and B. 

B. Fluzone High-Dose Quadrivalent Vaccine – Approved for ages 65 years and older. The higher dose is proven to prevent more influenza in older adults than standard influenza dose. 

Both vaccines are currently available on a walk-in basis at the Barton County Health Department. 

Not expected to be available at the Barton County Health Department this year, but may be available at other locations :

Flublok Quadrivalent Vaccine – Approved for ages 18 years and older, with a target group of 50 years and older. This formulation contains 3x the active ingredient of other standard quadrivalent vaccines and does not use eggs in the production.